Gomco Model 6002 Gastric Drainage Aspirator

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Product Code: Gomco® Model 6000 Gastric Drainage Aspirator
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The Model Gomco® 6000 is a thermotic pump designed to help assure gentle suction for such specialized uses as gastric lavage, abdominal decompression, duodenal and fistula drainage and drainage following prostatectomy.

  • Vacuum Setting: 90 mm and 120 mm Hg
  • Flow Rate: .3 lpm
THERMOTIC DRAINAGE PUMPS – Gomco® thermotic gastric drainage mobile pumps are engineered to provide suction by alternating the expansion and contraction of air within a cylinder at regular intervals. There are no moving parts, for quieter operation. The pumps are designed to operate for an extended period of time without attention, while solid-state controls help to assure mild suction.
  • Gomco Suction Equipment by Allied Healthcare Products

Mobile and portable suction equipment is typically used when in-wall suction is not available, or when medical protocol specifically requires portable suction. Allied markets its portable suction equipment under the Gomco® brand name, a name of such long-standing familiarity that it is often used in hospitals as a reference to such portable suction devices. Gomco Suction Equipment, portable suction units, portable aspirators, mobile aspirators, vacuum pumps, drainage pumps, thoracic drainage pump, breast pump, uterine aspirators, homecare suction, disposable collection canister, polycarbonate collection bottles, glass collection bottle, autoclavable plastic collection bottles, hydrophobic bacteria filters

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