New In Box Gomco 6036 Constant & Intermittent Pumps

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New In Box Gomco 6036 Constant & Intermittent Pumps by Allied Healthcare.

CONSTANT & INTERMITTENT PUMPS – Gomco Constant and intermittent pumps provide exceptional versatility through a unique vacuum capability. This new concept utilizes a diaphragm vacuum source with an automatic lock feature that maintains a separate collection system for the two mode select MODELS 6036 – This pump provide suction for all routine suction procedures with one versatile mobile vacuum source. Operation is simple and consists of four basic steps:

  • Set the mode switch to Constant or Intermittent
  • Set the Intermittent timing, if needed
  • Turn on the power
  • Adjust the vacuum level

  • These pumps are designed to provide the following performance specifications for each Mode selection:

    MODE RANGE Constant
    VACUUM RANGE 0-250 mm Hg
    MODE RANGE Intermittent
    VACUUM RANGE 0-200 mm Hg
    ADJUSTABLE ON CYCLE TIME Off / 12 seconds
    MODEL: 6036
    COLLECTION BOTTLE: Glass and Polycarbonate Plastic
    MOTOR: 1/8 hp Continuous Duty
    COMPRESSOR: Diaphragm
    VACUUM RANGE: 250 mm Hg (constant) 200 mm Hg(intermittent)
    FLOW RATE: 20 lpm (constant) 3 to 4 lpm (intermittent)
    DIMENSIONS HxDxW: 33 x 17 x 23 in.
    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 78 lbs.

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