TOSHIBA POWER VISION 6000 Cardiovascular Ultrasound

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Brand: Toshiba
Product Code: SSA-370A
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Model: SSA-370A
Serial: E0574229
Dicom plus Options.
Stress C40 Kit Model:UDSE-400A
Networking I/F Kit Model: UINI-370A
Upgrade Kit Model: UDBU-401A
Upgrade Kit Model: USBU-372A
Dicom System Kit Model:UDDS-400A
Probes: PLM-503AT,PSM-50AT (5Mhz),PSM-70AT (7Mhz),
PSM-25AT (2.5 Mhz).
Sony VHS SVO-9500MD, Sony B/W UP-895MD,
CD Writer 52xMax. Data Management Unit Model:UIDM-400A.

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