Tuffcare 8'' Alternating Pump & Mattress System

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Tuffcare 8'' Alternating Pump and Mattress System

Model: AAM821


Our AAM821 is designed to deliver pressure reduction. This product offers “at risk” patients the most comfortable support surface is its class and at the same time provides an environment that reduces the chance of developing pressure ulcers. Key futures include 20 alternating air cells, as well as a 2” foam base to provide support in case of power failure.

* Controls pressure, moisture, shear and friction that could create pressure ulcers.
* Use as a direct replacement over the standard mattress.
* Vapor permeable top cover which is machine washable
* Buckle down top cover for easy removal
* Quiet, dependable air controller unit provides hours of trouble free operation.
* Quick snap on CPC connectors
* Vinyl covering on air tube
* Weight limit: 350 lbs

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