ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face Cpap Mask System 61301 with Headgear Large

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The Mirage Liberty CPAP mask from ResMed beautifully combines the features of a full face CPAP mask with the comfort of a nasal CPAP mask.

The Mirage Liberty has a minimalist design that reduces facial contact, giving you a better sense of freedom and comfort. This hybrid CPAP mask also has a dual-wall face mask cushion that improves both support and comfort. The dual-wall cushion accommodates jaw movement so you don’t have to use a chin strap to maintain the seal. The nasal pillows have trampoline action that helps them contour to your nose and the natural movements you make during sleep. The trampoline action helps keep the nasal pillow in place so the seal stays intact throughout the night. The nasal pillows sit at the entrance to the nostrils, and they move independently of each other so they stay in place better. Along the sides of the mouth portion of the CPAP mask are built-in vents that minimize the sound of exhaled air so you and your bed partner can sleep more soundly. The CPAP mask also features a quick-release elbow port at the CPAP tubing connector that makes it easy to disconnect and reattach the CPAP hose.

The headgear included with the Mirage Liberty CPAP mask is very supportive so it keeps the seal in place throughout the night. The stabilizing clips along the side of the headgear keep the headgear and mask in place. The headgear also keeps your field of vision open so there’s no sense of claustrophobia, and it lacks a forehead cushion so there’s no uncomfortable forehead pressure. Set-and-forget headgear clips attach the headgear to the CPAP mask, making it simple to remove the mask in the morning.


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