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Clinic Design

Surgery Center Equipment and Design Implementation

Doral Medical has over 23 years of experience designing all types of clinics both domestic and international.

We have built a reputation on delivering quality equipment and helping our customers from start to finish.

Design and implementation of surgical room needs is our specialty.

Things to consider when buying used equipment to ensure you are receiving the highest quality.


Sourcing :

Our new equipment comes directly from the manufactures; our ability to buy in bulk gives us a competitive edge on our prices.

For our used equipment, we work with together with hospitals by gathering their surplus equipment. Once in our facility, we work closely with biomedical engineers who dedicate themselves to reconstructing and testing the equipment to ensure its functionality.

Budget friendly pricing:

Offering a great mix of both new and used equipment can help keep equipment cost low and still deliver the best quality equipment possible.

Commitment to Serve:

Here at Doral Medical we place your needs above all else.

We are committed to delivering the best customer experience that we can, both through our service and equipment.

We will always find a solution that works for you.


Feel free to come in and consult with us to plan your next Surgical Suite, Clinic, or any Medical Office.


















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