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The revolutionary Stryker Stair-PRO provides breakthrough stairway mobility previously unavailable in any stair chair. Stryker’s patented Stair-TREAD system enables operators to move patients down stairs without lifting, significantly reducing the risk of operator back injury. Lightweight and easy to use, Stair-PRO’s advanced design delivers rugged reliability and superior ergonomics. 

Features and Benefits

Stair-PRO’s unique Stair-TREAD system combines with proper handle placement, even weight distribution and superior braking to deliver unsurpassed performance.

Stair-TREAD System
Stryker’s patented Stair-TREAD system eliminates manual lifting when moving immobile persons downstairs, dramatically reducing the risk of operator injury. Its breakthrough design delivers mobility solutions previously unavailable in any stair chair. Lightweight, yet RUGGED aluminum construction enhances utility and ease of operation.

Color Coded Controls
Stair-PRO’s distinctive color coded controls simplify operation and training, increasing rescue efficiencies.

Compact Size 
Stair-PRO’s innovative design maximizes mobility in tight spaces and easily folds to a compact, stowable size for portability and convenient storage in all EMS vehicles.

Oversized Rear Wheels 
Stryker’s heavy-duty, oversized wheels require less roll force, providing safe, secure transport in any emergency situation requiring up or down stairs mobility. Reduced roll force ensures exceptional operational ease and minimizes the risk of back injuries.

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