ADC ADVANTAGE Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Brand Name: American Diagnostic

Item Weight: 4.00 pounds

LotFancy 11C-1952-B Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Auto Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BP Cuff machine
Awesome item at about 1/3 price of my local drug stores. Looks just like the one my dentist used on me a couple weeks ago but much cheaper. Most importantly, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! You need to hold your wrist at the same level as your heart to get an accurate reading or else everything will be sky high. If you think about it, the manual cuffs they put on your upper arm are already at the same level as your heart so no prob, but these wrist monitors are another story. After 3 days of being scared to death, I read the instructions and they even have a profile of a person elevating the monitor to the proper level. Man, what a difference. I was ready to call my doc for an appointment. Just read the instructions, awesome product!

A&D Medical Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor

A&D Medical Advanced Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped with innovations in cuff design, inflation, and deflation (Triple-A Technology). Talking Blood Pressure Monitor offers the option of TriCheck measurement which allows users to take three consecutive readings and receive an average, complying with the American Heart Association’s latest recommendation.

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Welch Allyn Wall Aneroid Sphygmomanometer


Welch Allyn 767 Series Wall & Mobile Aneroids & Adult Cuff

Latex free. The Tycos 767 Wall and Mobile Aneroids offer all the dependability and accuracy of our classic aneroids, along with an updated look. Precision, jewelled-movement manometer that is certified to be accurate within one percent of scale (±3mmHg). Laser-engraved dial face for precision calibration. Built-in basket for securely storing the inflation system. High-impact housing and bezel to protect the movement and crystal. Large dial face (6 1/4") and bright orange pointer for easy reading. 40° side-to-side swivel for clear viewing at all angles. The Mobile aneroid has adjustable height stand and locking collar, 4' coiled tubing and 360° manometer swivel for ease of reading. 

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer by LotFancy, Professional Manual Blood Pressure Monitor, and Carrying Case

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