Hologic Discovery C Bone Densitometer

Scanning Method

Linear X-ray fan-beam, utilizing motorized table and C-arm

X-ray System

Switched-pulse dual-energy (100 kVp/140 kVp)

Detector System

Multi-element detector array

External Shielding

None required*

BMD Precision



  • Automatic, continuous calibration using Hologic’s patented Automatic Internal Reference System

  • Automatic quality control program

  • Operator calibration not required

Operating Requirements

Temperature: 60° - 90°F (15°-32°C)

Power: 100VAC (16A)/120VAC (14A)/230VAC (8A)

Humidity: 20% - 80% relative humidity, noncondensing

Average heat load: 3,400 BTU/hr

Table Height

71cm (28")

Additional Product Specifications

Patient Weight Limit

204 kg (450 lbs.)

Standard Hardware Configuration

  • Computer worktable with Intel® Pentium® PC

  • 40GB (min) hard drive

  • 512MB (min) RAM

  • 64MB (min) video board

  • 17" monitor

  • HP Color InkJet® printer

  • CD R/W drive

  • Network ready

Optional Hardware

  • Magnetic Optical Disk Storage

  • HP LaserJet® printer

  • Modem

  • 17" flat panel monitor

  • Oasis QDR for Windows® XP Stand-alone Workstation

Standard Software Configuration (all models)

  • QDR for Windows® XP Operating System

  • Tech Tips™

  • Express Exam™

  • NHANES Reference Data

  • QDR OnePage™ Report

  • Context Sensitive Help

  • Fracture Risk Indication

  • OneTime™ Auto Analysis

  • Auto Low BMD for spine and hip

  • Scan/Analyze Protocols for AP lumbar spine, proximal femur, Dual Hip™, forearm and scoliotic spine, pediatric spine and hip

  • Pediatric Whole Body

  • Pediatric Reference Data

  • DXA Practice Manager

GE AMX 4 Portable Remanufactured AMX 4

GE AMX portables under a thorough electronic, mechanical and cosmetic program. Numerous upgrades include a new maintenance-free battery pack, critical structural reinforcements and replacement of major cabling and control components. Huestis Medical then calibrates and tests each system to exacting standards backed by an 12-month warranty on workmanship and parts.

100 mA constant.

kVp 50-125.

mAs 0.4-320.

24 kVp stations.

30 mAs stations.

X-Ray tube MX-75 275k HU.

Focal spot .75mm.

Dual motor drive (forward & reverse).

Variable speed drive.

High frequency generator.

LED display.

Electric solenoid locks.

The GE AMX-4 features a high frequency, microprocessor controlled generator and are upgraded to a vertical column.

Radiology table with bucky for body radiography compatible for mobile xray machine portable xray machine and stationary xray

The Del Medical MT500 mobile radiographic table is ideally suited for U-Arm and Straight Arm systems located in imaging centers, orthopedic clinics and private practices. Additionally, it can be easily paired with an overhead tube crane or floor mounted tube stand to offer a highly economical table option.

It features a heavy-duty steel frame for maximum stability and a stain-resistant fiber-resin tabletop. Its large-diameter casters provide smooth movement, swivel 360°, and have easy, yet reliable, foot locks.

FUJIFILM FCR Carbon CR Reader And Workstation

The FCR Carbon is small and powerful. You get all the productivity and image quality of a full-size CR system in a size that fits in every imaging environment.

The Carbon XL-2 is ideal for distributed applications such as inside the exam room or even a trauma bay with a speed of up to 92 images an hour and image previews in as little as 23 seconds. With that flexibility, the Carbon XL-2 is also a great redundancy solution during peak periods. The XL-2 also features a 50 Reading Mode* for sharp, excellent detail — ideal for extremity exams or anywhere that seeing fine details is critical.

Fast image previews beginning in as little as 10 seconds

Quick throughput – XL-2: 62-92, Fast Scan mode: 87 images/hr 14×17″ X: 43-72 images/hour

100 micron 10 pixels/mm Standard Reading Density

Image Reading 12 bits grayscale, output: 10 or 12 bits Small 2.4 sq. ft. footprint

Imaging Plates (IPs) and Cassette Sizes

14″x17″ (35x43cm) 14″x14″ (35x35cm) 10″x12″ 18x24cm 24x30cm 15x30cm The XL-2’s 50 micron capability utilizes Type CH 18×24 & 24x30cm cassettes and single-sided HR imaging plates.


W23.2 x D15.0 x H31.9 inches


216 lbs.

Power Requirements

110 VAC (5A max)



Focused on improving everyday practice and solely led by your needs, ARCADIS Varic incorporates numerous unique to-the-point solutions. From image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency, the groundbreaking features of ARCADIS Varic set new benchmarks for a Siemens C-Arm – with outstanding functionalities that make perfect imaging a snap and an overall ergonomic concept that redefines your clinical workflow in many fields of practice.

Precise imaging and perfect visualization

Easy operation

Improved clinical workflow

Maximum flexibility in data handling

Truly digital navigation with NaviLink 2D

Perfectly thought-out and fully digital for outstanding image quality

High performance for demanding applications

Making acquisition a snap with EASY

Uncompromising performance in visualization

Straightforward operation right from the start

AGFA DX-M Digitizer


AGFA D-XM Digitizer System with Potter's TELERADIOGRAPHIES.

Digitizer system composed of:

1 D-XM digitizer with NX GenRad station,

2 NIP Cassettes 24x30 cm

2 PIP Cassettes 24x30 cm

4 PIP Cassettes 35x43 cm

1 Potter with Overlap for spine and lower limb teleradiography



SONOLINE Antares ultrasound system offers fully integrated premium capabilities including superb 2D, 3D, 4D & Doppler imaging. 4D ultrasound imaging technology, Vascular enhancement technology, Panoramic imaging, Multi-view spatial compounding, THI & MISA beam formation are just a few of the features packed into this ergonomic system.

Siemens is respected for offering high quality, top-of-the-line ultrasound equipment, and the Siemens Acuson Antares is no exception, delivering superior performance and outstanding 3D and 4D imaging capabilities that boost efficiency, save time and enable physicians to reach a fast, accurate diagnosis confidently.

For budget-minded offices, MedCorp offers the refurbished Siemens Acuson Antares for purchase. The used Siemens Antares from MedCorp offers everything you’d expect from a newer machine, including embedded DICOM, a DIMAQ-IP workstation and Clarify vascular enhancement technology. However, because this is a refurbished system, MedCorp is able to quote the Acuson Antares price at the market’s lowest.



The Kodak Carestream 9000 3D System is an innovative and cost-effective two-in-one solution incorporating cutting-edge panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging. It provides access to powerful 3D technology to all dental professionals at an affordable price.

With the unprecedented detail and angles of view our 3D technology offers, you’ll discover a range of new diagnostic possibilities including: endodontics, implantology, pathologies, complex impactions, as well as surgery and dental diagnostics.

Designed for daily use by any dental professional, the Kodak 9000 3D System raises the bar for dental imaging and makes the future your reality.

Includes KDI Software. Specialty Ortho or Oral surgery software is an additional charge.

3d Imaging Mode

  • Yields anatomically correct three-dimensional images directly on screen

  • Higher resolution images

  • Face-to-face positioning

  • Low radiation exposure

Panoramic Imaging

  • Produces complete dentition overview

  • Adjustable focal trough

  • fast and easy to use panoramic unit delivering high image quality

  • built-in sensor with automatic sensor selection according to program (2D or 3D)

Management C-Arm Table


Assists with image-guided procedures requiring stability, precision, quiet, vibration-free positioning and good patient access

Cantilevered, low-attenuation, carbon-fiber tabletop accepts portable or ceiling-suspended C-Arms

Allows sufficient workspace for anesthesiologist and supplies narrowness required for cervical procedures

Free of cross-members, allowing full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-Arm positioning

Table is quick and easy to adjust

Dux X-ray Aprons -Lead-free

Lead-Free X-ray Aprons with thyroid collars provide protection for patients during intra-oral radiography without the weight of lead. The lead-free X-ray aprons are made of proprietary alloy sheeting that provides the same protection as lead but are up to 30% lighter. The built-in thyroid collar protects the sensitive thyroid gland against radiation. Lead-free X-ray aprons are more comfortable for your patients and lighter for your staff to handle.

Econoline is Wolf's

The Econoline is Wolf's most economical illuminator. Available in 4 sizes, the Econoline is designed as a wall hung unit, with a recess mounting kit also available.

The Econoline features two bulb illuminators (15 watts each -2200 Candela per square meter) a 3 ½" deep aluminum cabinet with a baked-on white finish, a magic grip film retainer and a 6' line cord with 3 prong plug.

Also, Econoline single and double units can be mounted with a handle.

GE PRN50 Recorder Module


GE PRN50 Recorder Module Refurbished. This PRN50 Module has number of max waveform Channel selection. It connects to all GE, Datex Ohmeda and Carescape patient monitors and Central stations.