Sechrist 2500B Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric chambers are pressurized environments used to treat a variety of conditions such as non-healing wounds, decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning and infections. Patients receiving such hyperbaric oxygen therapy also need to be treated and monitored by a variety of medical devices; most of which, however, were not originally designed or approved for use in such hyperbaric environments. 

“The hyperbaric chamber is a fabulous teaching platform for actually observing the basic gas laws in action as well as evaluating high pressure effects on electronic medical devices,” said Fennigkoh. He plans to further instrument and modify the chamber this summer. “And no, we won’t be putting students in the chamber!” 

ERG 911 S Plus 

The ERG 911 S Plus is a comprehensive ergometry for cardiopulmonary diagnostics or stand-alone rehab.

With a modern processor, the ergometer is designed to allow all common operational modes of the stress test load control.

According to the examiner's needs and wishes, the ERG 911 S Plus allows the definition of up to five different exercise programs. The user is guided through all operational steps on the display.

In every mode, the LCD shows the current load and, if set, the heart rate in an alphanumeric field as well as a graph to view the ergometry status.

The ERG 911 S Plus can also be accessed and controlled from a Schiller Stress Test, any external PC program, or EKG unit via RS232 cable 

ERG 911 LS 

The ERG 911 LS Echocouch is a special ergometer for exercise Echocardiography.  

Thanks to an additional pivot axis of the Echocouch, the patient can be positioned in an angle of up to 45° to

the left during exercise.

This ensures a particularly favorable position for high-quality ultra-sound images during stress echocardiography. The stable shoulder support ensures a comfortable and safe positioning of the patient while the couch is tilted to the left.

Stryker SmartPump Dual Channel Tourniquet System


The SmartPump Dual Channel tourniquet system delivers complete operating room utility. It supports single cuff, Bier Block and bi-lateral procedures or simultaneous surgeries of both upper and lower extremity. The Dual Channel continuously monitors, controls and displays real-time cuff activities. Each cuff’s pressure and inflation time settings are independently managed.

Sound Combo Richmar Thera Touch 7.7

Quattro 2.5 Electrotherapy

Quattro 2.5 Electrotherapy is a professional, multi-use, four-channel medical device used in electrotherapy that provides IF 4-Pole as well as IF 2-Pole, EMS, TENS, and Russian waveforms with two separate timers for use with two separate patients at the same time. The portable design of the unit allows the user to provide therapy just about anywhere; use as part of a therapy cart, on a tabletop in an office, or mobile use to bring to a patients home. 

Pain Mangement WinStim Advance

This aesthetically designed clinical model has a unique ultrasound head with inbuilt power control and user preset electrotherapy programs. The state of the art Winstim is light weight, small in size, and battery powered. WinStim is a multi-modality touch screen clinical device with TENS, EMS, IFC, High Volt, Russian, Micro, premod and ultrasound. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery.


Pain Mangement WinStim Advance Combo Electrotherapy And Ultrasound Combination Unit has 2/4 Independent Electrotherapy Channels

20 free programmable memory positions

Intensity Display And Control Inbuilt in US applicator with Thermal detection

Ultrasound Head Warming Easy one touch program selection Touch Screen LCD Display

Inbuilt battery pack

Technical Specifications
- No. of channels: 2/4
- Carrier Frequency: 2000-10000 Hz
- Beat Frequency: 0-400 Hz
- Max. Output Intensity: 0-100mA
- Phase Duration: 20-1000 µS
- Treatment Time: 1-60 Min
- Power: Input: 110 ~ 220 V
- Output: 24V DC Adaptor
- Inbuilt Battery: 24V DC
- Electrical Type: TYPE BF

Ultrasound Specification:
- Frequency: 1 MHz & 3 MHZ
- Pulse Frequency: 100 Hz
- Intensity: 0 to 2.5 W/cm² (Continuous) 0 to 3 W/cm² (Pulse)
- Beam Nonuniformity Ratio: 5:1
- ERA: 3.5 cm² to 5 cm²

Dynatron 850 Plus Electrotherapy Ultrasound


The Dynatron 850 has three treatment channels: two Interferential Therapy channels and one dedicated High Volt channel. The Dynatron 950 has six treatment channels: four Interferential Therapy channels and two dedicated High Volt channels. 


• Ultrasound Therapy

 • Modifiable Treatment Parameters

 • Lightweight and Portable 

• Soundhead with Warming Function 

Intelect VMS II  Ultrasound Variable Muscle Stimulator

Chattanooga VMS II Intelect Ultrasound Variable Unit 100-120v-ac

Active Cooling Vest System For Surgeons In The OR

A cooling vest is a piece of equipment designed to cool a person down. Cooling vests are used by doctors, athletes, industrial workers, working dogs, individuals with Multiple Sclerosis or hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, race care drivers, and military personnel.

Active cooling vests and systems require some form of power, electricity or battery, to operate. This type of cooling technology provides continuous cooling to lower the body’s core temperature by circulating cold water via a cooler through a tube to the vest.


This cold therapy unit helps reduce post-operative pain and swelling and speeds up the rehabilitation. The DonJoy IceMan Classic is easy to set up at home or in the clinic. The inline flow control allows for consistent temperatures for up to 6 hours of continuous cold therapy. Just add ice and water and it's ready to use.

The Iceman Classic has been discontinued by DonJoy

 EMERSON 96-HB Patient Warmer

Emerson 96-HTB Exam Warming Lights 

Due to the size and weight of this unit will need to be freighted. Please contact us via email for a freight quote or for local pick-up

Dimensions: 48in. x 40in. x 60in. 

Ohmeda Phototherapy Light II  

Ohmeda Phototherapy Light II Flexible arm rolling light. 

TDP Heat Lamp Featuring Digital Controls

The TDP Heat Lamp model CQ-36 is unlike any other heat lamp. While most lamps use a common infrared bulb, the specially engineered Far Infrared or TDP Lamp model CQ-36 features a "black body" emission heating plate which is coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 33 elements. When activated by a built-in electric heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of far infrared electromagnetic energy which penetrates deep into the human body. The human body (cells) has a higher absorption efficiency for far infrared energy than near infrared. The emission head can be positioned as low as 12" (for treating feet) to 60". Depending on the treated condition, repeated treatments of 20 to 40 minutes are recommended. Easy assembly..


Infrared emission 2 to 25 microns

Output: 60 Hz, 250 watts


110 volt, 3 prong safety plug

Control, timer

continuous ON or 60 min timer

Emission plate life

1,200 to 1,500 hours (approx 2 years) (replacement plates are available)


28 to 34 mw/sq cm in intensity

Treatment distance, range

12" to 18" (30 to 46 cm)

Optimum skin temperature

104°F to 113°F (40°C to 45°C)

Warm-up time

10 to 15 minutes

Extendable range

24" vertical, 24" horizontal

Min/max height

12" to 60" above floor

Telescoping main post

12" adjustment

Device head adjustment

tilted up to 90°, rotated 360°

Emission heating head

6.5" dia

Stand design

floor model, 5 point base with casters

Weight (unit only): 23 lbs

 Hydrocollator Stationary Heating Unit

The benchmark against which all other heating units are judged. The E-1 fits on a desktop, counter top, or mobile stand and comes with 4 Standard size Hotpacs. It will also accomodate 1 Neck Contour and 3 Standard size Hotpacs. Non-insulated and smaller than E-2, the E-1 is just right for small clinics and departments where Oversize HotPacs are not a concern. Adjustable temperature gauge might be hard to turn with bare hands, try using pliers to turn knob to adjust temperature.

Product details

Bio Compression Systems Sequential Circulator Lymphedema Pump w/ Optional 4 Chamber Sleeves

Compression systems are comprised of an automated compression pump and vinyl sleeves (or garments) with inflatable chambers. The sleeves come in almost any shape and size to fit the affected physical region (foot, leg, arm, hand, etc), and the pneumatic compression pumps range in their ability to control pressure, speed, and compression method (sequential vs. graduated).

The term “pneumatic compression pump” refers to the pump's use of compressed air to inflate the different chambers of the compression sleeve.