Alcon Infiniti Phaco Vision System with Ozil

Alcon’s most desirable phaco machine….this INFINITI® system is complete and freshly upgraded with 2.06 software, including OZil® and IP Software.
We include one recertified OZil® handpiece, original accessories and the user manual. Our technician also refurbishes the unit to ensure its operating condition.

Featuring OZil® Intelligent Phaco software upgrades, the INFINITI® Vision System puts optimized OZil®torsional emulsification at your fingertips. With enhanced fluidic management and surgical control, the INFINITI® Vision System delivers the strategic advantage in customized phaco procedures.

ALCON Infiniti Vision System Aqualase Handpiece

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The Alternative Source Medical

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Alcon Accurus Phacoemulsifier Fragmentation Hand Piece

Alcon Accurus 400VS 800CS Phaco Fragmentation Fragmatom Handpiece REF 8065740242