Blood Drawing Chair with Plastic Seat

High quality chair plastic chair with Arm. One control knob allows you to raise and lower the arms effortlessly. Arms can be raised and lowered in infinite positions and rotate left or right.

Plastic Seat

300 lb Weight Capacity

Overall Dimensions: 32 in. Height, 34 in. Width, 28 in. Depth

Chair Dimensions: Seat Height to Floor 18 in., Inside Arm Width 21 in., Seat Depth 16 in., Height of Adjustment Arm 28 - 35 in.

Tall Overall Dimensions: Height 43 in., Width 34 in., Depth 28 in.

Tall Chair Dimensions: Seat Height to Floor 24 in., Inside Arm Width 21 in., Seat Depth 17 in.

Height of Adjustable Arm 33 - 40 in.


Hamilton Bell VanGuard V6500 Tabletop Centrifuge, 6x15ml Angled Rotor, 3400rpm, Mech. Timer, V6500

Hamilton Bell's VanGuard Compact Centrifuge offers the protection needed in today's healthcare environment when operated in accordance with the instructions herein. The transparent polycarbonate protective cover permits visual inspection of tubes. When the cover is locked closed, the rotor is contained in a sealed compartment.

With the cover locked closed, the VanGuard provides integral aerosol and splash protection to minimize exposure to infectious disease. The VanGuard centrifuge should only be operated with the cover locked closed and with a balanced load.

Hamilton Bell VanGuard Centrifuge is designed specifically for use in physicians offices and clinical laboratories. The VanGuard performs separation procedures for blood, fecal, and high density sedimentation. The VanGuard is also at home in the biological, chemical, and industrial laboratory where fast separation of different densities is desirable.

All VanGuard centrifuges are available with either 10ml or 15ml hardened aluminum shields.

Beckman Coulter Ac T Diff 2 Hematology Analyzer

Product Description

The Beckman Coulter AcT Diff II Hematology Analyzer delivers performance value and safety for physician office labs and smaller laboratories. It’s an affordable easy-to-use system that offers a small sample volume in both open and closed analysis modes a wide operating range and multiple output formats.

GMI sells fully Re-Certified to specification pre-owned instruments with full warranty.

The Beckman Coulter AcT Diff II Hematology Analyzer offers a full range of features to optimize your lab’s efficiency including:

  • Closed vial sampling that accommodates a variety of collection of tube sizes

  • Small 18 uL sample size in either closed or open vial modes

  • User-definable high/low flagging of patient results and quality control simplifies data interpretation

  • Automated quality assurance functions improve productivity

  • Closed vial sampling for controls and calibrators provides operator safety

  • Compact benchtop design requires only two square feet of counter space

Abbott 3531 centrifuge

high speed laboratory centrifuge from Abott, type 3531 with Hereaus Sepatech rotor (24 x 1.5 ml), number 3743.

Technical specifications: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 140 W.

Fixed number of revolutions centrifuge: 10800/10900 rpm.

Maximum number of revolutions rotor: 17000 rpm.

Housing (D)x(H)x(W): 37 x 23,5 x 27,5 cm.



- 13,000 RPM


- TUBE CAPACITY: 24 - 1.5mL

POWER: 220-240V, 50-60Hz, 140W

DIMENSIONS: 10.8in W x 14.6in D x 9.3in

WEIGHT: 39 lbs

Drucker Quest Diagnostics Horizon Mini E 642E Lab Laboratory Centrifuge

The Drucker Horizon Mini E Centrifuge Model 642E Quest is single speed centrifuge that uses less than 1 sq. ft. of counter space, has a full horizontal separation for test tubes up to 10mL, push-button operation/Safety lid-lock,


- Speed: Single-speed 3,380 RPM

- rMax: 1,600 x g

- Capacity: 60mL (6x10mL)

Blood Draw Chair

Custom Comfort Medtek designs and manufactures blood draw chairs with patient and provider safety and comfort in mind. Our functional and stylish blood draw chairs are built to last – constructed from commercial-grade vinyl and steel.

Custom Comfort Medtek’s bariatric blood draw chairs are made for larger patients and parents who need to sit with their children during a procedure. Our bariatric donor chairs provide additional seating space and extra sturdy armrests.

Like many of our upholstered medical furniture pieces, our bariatric drawing chairs are available in a choice

LW Scientific i4S-SEB4-iPL3 i4 Binocular Semen Analysis Microscope with Heated Stage

Binocular head, 360° rotatable

Widefield 10x eyepieces with 20mm field of view

10x, 20x, 40x, 100x Infinity plan phase objectives

LED illumination with variable control. Heated Stage

Perfect for veterinarians or fertility clinics, the new i4 Semen Analysis LabScope is the complete package for live specimen microscopy. Motility analysis should be performed at 98.6° Fahrenheit to keep sperm active, and the heated stage has a built-in digital temperature control unit which can be set for any temperature up to 110° Fahrenheit. The heated stage will maintain accurate and stable temperatures within +/- 0.3 degrees during observation. This microscope looks and functions like a standard laboratory-grade microscope when in brightfield configuration. The Plan phase objectives and turret condenser allow flat-field, high-contrast viewing of live, unstained specimens, and easy magnification changes with the flip of the thumb.

Essential for detailed measuring of:





Viewing Head

Binocular (Seidentopf), Diopter adjustment, Inclined 30°, rotates 360°, Interpupillary distance range 48-75mm


10x/20 WF eyepieces with rubber eye guards


Infinity plan phase flat-field 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x


Built-in heated stage with digital temperature control unit, X-Y mechanical stage for precise slide movements

Heated Stage

Variable digital temp. control up to 110° F

Set temperature in 0.1 degree increments

Displays actual temperature in 0.1 degree increments

Accurate within 0.3° F

Reaches temperature within 5-10 minutes


Turret condenser with Phase and Brightfield


Variable LED illumination, 110v / 220v auto-switching AC power adapter CE, UL, cUL approved


Integral 12v DC power supply


Blue-green-yellow filters, immersion oil, dust cover, manual, and warranty card

IEC Medispin Bench Top Manual Timer Dial Laboratory Centrifuge

Manufacturer : IEC

Model : Medispin

Made in : USA

Weight lbs : 10

Dimension (length, width, height) : 12 X 12 X 8 Inch

Electrical :

  • Volts : 120

  • Hz : 50 / 60

  • Watts :

  • Amps : 4

  • Phases : 1