BDeals Set Of 12 Fiber Optic Mac Miller Laryngoscope Blade 2 Handle Intubaton Kit

Supreme Quality Brand New Professional Diagnostic Laryngoscope Kit. Only the finest materials are used to assure you of a timeless instrument designed for optimum performance. 


5 Different Size Blades

4 Different Size Blades

FERNO Model 425 Intubation Kit


Laryngoscope set indirect laryngoscope inspection mirror peep lens medical

Laryngoscope Set Conventional

LAPA-5046 - 0

Set of 4 Blades Size 1, 2, 3, 4 and Adult Handle

Sets available in soft Case With Box Packing


Manufactured From AISI 304 Stainless Steel

All Blades and Handles Brass Compatible with ISO 7376 Standard


Available in Halogen and LED Illumination

Bulbs 2.5V

Handles requires 2 x C size batteries

Welch Allyn Pocket LED Diagnostic Set with Soft Case and 2 Handles

Welch Allyn Pocket LED Diagnostic Set with Soft Case - Black includes a high-performance Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope. The Welch Allyn pocket set features the most durable, pocket style Otoscope on the market today. Both the Ophthalmoscope and the Otoscope are extremely light weight and offer excellent portability and ease of use. The Welch Allyn Pocket Diagnostic Set also features the Welch Allyn SureColour LED bulb technology. 

3.5 V Led Veterinary Operating Otoscope Set

*NEW*ENT (Ear,Nose &Throat) Diagnostic,Otoscope,Ophthalmoscope set W/Zipper Case 

Need a complete set of diagnostic instruments that won't cost you a fortune?

As a medical student, a healthcare professional, or a health practitioner, having your own set of diagnostic instruments is an absolute must. Most sets, however, have insanely costs. Some feature low-quality tools that easily break. Investing in a high quality diagnostic tools kit doesn't have to burn a gaping hole in your wallet. If you are looking for an economical diagnostic instruments set, our comprehensive ENT tool kit is what you need.

Stay ready for any emergency or health examination task with this tool set. It comes with an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, earwax remover, illuminator, nasal dilator, specula, and mirror attachments. You also get replacement tips and LED lights. Whether you are examining the ear, nose, or throat of a patient, this instruments kit has what you need. Be prepared for any home emergencies by having this diagnostic tools set by your side at all times. Can't decide on a gift to give to a healthcare professional or medical student? This complete ENT diagnostics tool kit will make an excellent present for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthdays. The brown leather carrying case makes it a standout.

Green 777 Diagnostic Wall Transformer, Coaxial LED Ophthalmoscope & MacroView LED Otoscope

The Welch Allyn Green Series 777 Diagnostic Wall Transformer is a wall-mounted device used by healthcare professionals in providing proper examination of patients in a clinic or hospital set-up. This accessible tool comes with Welch Allyn LED Ophthalmoscope and LED Otoscope devices, which are primarily used to view and assess the auditory (ears) and visual (eyes) structures. Easy to reach and comes with high-quality examination devices, the Green Series 777 Diagnostic Wall Transformer can ultimately improve day-to-day clinical practices. 


The Welch Allyn 767 Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope includes a wall charger that senses when either scope has been removed from the cradle and turns them on automatically and then turns them off for charging when they are returned.

The Welch Allyn 767 Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope are modular so the system can be added to as the practice grows and needs change.

Welch Allyn 84NTVX2-US Connex Integrated Diagnostic Wall System

Is a set of medical devices combined together to help healthcare professionals in providing fast and efficient diagnostic examinations in a clinic or hospital set-up. Designed to easily access high-quality physical exam tools, this advanced wall system produces a more organized and reliable health facility, improving patient care. 

Convenient and easy to navigate, the Connex Integrated Wall System offers effective clinical monitoring, may it be spot check or timed intervals, which can be done for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. Capturing vital signs is made easy with the help of high-quality medical tools, such as oral and/or ear thermometer, pulse oximeter, and BP measuring device. Improved eye and ear assessments can also be done with the help of the Welch Allyn LED Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope.

The Connex Diagnostic Wall System can be connected to the EMR through wireless connection, ethernet, or USB (Wall System comes with 4 USB ports), and instantly sends vitals to the patient chart from the point of care for improved efficiency. It has an Early Warning Scoring app, which allows upload of protocols such as MEWS, NEWS, and PEWS, that helps in giving signs for patient deterioration, and aids in an accurate and efficient clinical decision.

Welch Allyn Universal Charger  Instrument Heads Two 71670 NiCad Handles

Product Description

Accepts all Welch Allyn 2.5V, 3.5V, and PocketScope™ (requires adapter) well rechargeable handles. Has a green LED indicating power on. Has a yellow LED under each well indicating the handles are seated and charging. Sports an updated design to fit with our old and new products.

Welch Allyn Model 692 SureTemp Plus Thermometer w/ Oral & Rectal Probes 

Schiller Tranquility VS Vital Signs Monitor w/ CO2, SpO2, NIBP & Temperature 


The Schiller Tranquility Vital Signs Patient Monitor offers Patient Monitoring with a simple interface, in a lightweight, portable, battery-powered package.

Features and Benefits

Materials Included

Technical Specifications

Welch Allyn 11710 3.5V Standard Ophthalmoscope


Welch allyn Macro View Otoscope Head 

Continuously improving your ability to diagnose accurately and efficiently, Welch Allyn presents the macro view ototscope head

 This amazing new instrument is the next generation in otoscopes. Featuring advanced optics that provide 30% more magnification than traditional scopes, which allows you an almost full view of the tympanic membrane and drastically increases clarity and definition of landmarks, this otoscope will enhance your ability to perform fast and efficient examinations and improve your accuracy in diagnosis.

The easy focus eye piece gives you nearly twice the field of view, while allowing you to adjust for differing ear canal lengths or your own far sightedness. Our enhanced optics means you probably don’t need your own glasses while performing exams since this unit is already correcting for any of your visual deficiency. With the enhanced visualization you experience, you’ll be able to see past wax and determine if there is fluid behind the eardrum.

The fiber optic technology provides cool light with no reflections or obstructions. We’ve also improved some mechanical features, including the addition of our special tip grip that ensures your specula is fastened securely and it makes it easier to remove as well. 

On top of all these amazing benefits, this model comes with a one year warranty. When you want to provide your patients with the best exam and thereby, diagnostic excellence, the Welchy Allyn is the otoscope to use.

Welch Allyn 3.5V Halogen Otoscope Head with LED 4 Polypropylene Specula 

Product Description

Halogen illumination with fiber optic light transmission provides brilliant, cool, distal illumination without visual obstruction or specular reflections. Wide angle viewing lens slides left or right for instrumentation under magnification.

Edan H100B Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Fingertip Sensor

Edan H100B Hand Held Pulse Oximeter Includes:

• Operator’s Manual & Quick Reference Card

• Adult Finger Clip Sensor

• 4 “AA” alkaline batteries

• Operator’s Manual

Deluxe Carrying Case

Edan H100B Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

The Edan H100B pulse oximeter with powerful memory (300 hours) and configurable alarms provides an easy to use tool to measure oxygen levels (SpO2) and heart rate information. The Edan H100B has a wide variety of sensors options (neonate, pediatric, adult) to fit any patient sizes. Memory from the Edan H100B can be downloaded and printed using the optional software and USB cable.

Welch Allyn KleenSpec Specula Dispenser

KleenSpec Disposable Specula are economical and convenient. Made from non-toxic plastic and available in a variety of sizes. Dispenser holds all specula sizes within the series. 

Examination Headlight LED With Intensity Control Rechargeable ENT Gynae Dental 

Technical Features:

5watt LED with more than 45000hours LIFE TIME

PocketScope Otoscope 2.5V With AA Handle & Hard Case



Package Includes:

Medical Pen Light for Nurse Doctor, Reusable LED Medical Penlight Flashlight with Pupil Gauge and Ruler, White Light, Black

Design: top with push button on/off switches, easy to control; metal pocket clip, lightweight and portable.

Material: these reusable penlights are made of premium aluminum alloy body and high quality led bulb, sleek appearance, pretty good texture, sturdy and durable, and long-life using.

Feature: there are pupil gauge and 5cm ruler on the side of the penlight, for help determine the size of a patient's pupil when doing a neuro assessment and the doctors or nurses daily work.

Use: only by 2 AAA batteries with positive pole “+” direction of batteries to the pen bulbs. You can use it to check areas of the mouth, throat, and wounds, and help you at daily work and life.

Our pen light use high-quality raw materials and fine workmanship, If you have any question for our product, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best for you. Note: Batteries not included.

ABPM patient monitor BR-102 plus PWA 


SCHILLER’s Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA): circadian central haemodynamics and blood pressure measurement in one

SCHILLER presents the first solution that combines the non-invasive, cuff-based precise auscultatoric and the reliable oscillometric measurement to generate a 24-hour profile of stiffness parameters like pulse wave velocity, augmentation index as well as central and peripheral blood pressures.

Based on individual arterial behavior, it is now possible to evaluate the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease and helps to prevent severe organ damage.

As an autonomic operating device, it perfectly integrates into ABPM routine - no specially trained operator is needed for PWA measurements.

The algorithm was used in several studies, including comparisons with the gold standard (invasive blood pressure measurements); it is therefore recommended by the ESH/ESC in their guidelines.


Easy user interface with color display

Measurement on diastolic level for increased patient comfort

Up to 48 hours profile and not just spot measurements (tonometric method)

Includes the auscultatoric measurement which is much more reliable

Fully integrated with the wide range of SCHILLER diagnostic products, with seamless connectivity to SEMA data management system and to HIS

Spot measurement

LotFancy Manual Blood Pressure Monitor, Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

TRUSTED AND ACCURATE: Our certified blood pressure gauges are clinically tested and validated for accuracy to detect high bp; Bonus a spanner for easy calibration

STANDARD ADULT CUFF: Our adult manual blood pressure cuff fits arm 10" to 16" in circumference; washable nylon cuff with comfortable velcro allows self-measurement by one hand

EASY TO READ DIAL: Our manual bp machine features a large, high-contrast dial for easily reading the blood pressure measurements, perfect for seniors and those with low vision; A sturdy clip on the dial allows easily attached to cuff or clothing

DURABLE BULB & VALVE: Our manometers are equipped with premium latex-free PVC bulb & quality screw-type valve to deliver precise inflation and deflation

EVERYTHING INCLUDED: Our sphygmomanometer kit includes standard adult cuff, calibrated tool and carry bag for convenient use at home and on the go

LotFancy Manual Blood Pressure Monitor, Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Welch Allyn DS45-11CB Gauge with Durable Two Piece, Adult Cuff and Bladder

Welch Allyn DS44-11C Quality Medical Diagnostic Products Gauge with Durable One Piece Cuff and Case, Adult

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28"

3M Littmann® Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope is a general-purpose, entry-level stethoscope. It is an excellent, affordable choice for basic blood-pressure and limited physical assessment. The chestpiece is designed for better orientation around blood-pressure cuffs and body contours, and provides clear, reliable acoustic performance. The tunable diaphragm allows the user to conveniently alternate between low- and high-frequency sounds without turning over the chestpiece.



Product details

The 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope offers high acoustic sensitivity for exceptional performance when doing general physical assessments. It features dual tunable diaphragms and an updated design that is easier to clean and maintain.

3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope 3200BK

ADC Advantage™ 6015 Wrist Digital BP Monitor

When the standard way of measuring blood pressure on the arm is not possible or just not convenient, consider getting this ADC Advantage 6015 wrist digital blood pressure monitor. This amazingly compact little unit provides accurate measurement for both systolic and diastolic pressure as well as pulse rate. The latex free wrist cuff fits wrists from 5. 3 inches to 7.7 inches and employs Smart Logic technology to determine the ideal inflation level.

When you need to keep track of your blood pressure measurements due to health concerns that require it, this fantastic unit will be able to recall the last 99 readings taken, giving your medical professionals a history that will improve their diagnostics. The handy compact storage case will fit most home first aid kits or even travel first aid kits. If you have a health condition you need to monitor, or you just want to a have reliable accurate way to easily check blood pressure and pulse measurements, the 6015 will definitely be able to meet your needs.

This unit is so user friendly almost anyone can use it with very little instruction which is vital in an emergency. Should the worst ever happen and you need to call 911 for a family member, being able to provide the medical professionals with vital blood pressure and pulse rate measurements will give them critical advanced information and help them in their endeavor to help your family member. 

LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor, Wrist BP Cuff (5.3”-8.5”), 120 Memory, Automatic Digital BP Machine for Irregular Heartbeat Detection, Home BP Gauge with Large LCD Display, Protective Case

About this item

Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use Upper Arm

Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use Upper Arm, Accurate Cuff 8.7”-15.7” Monitor with Large Backlight Display 2 Users 240 Sets Memory & HR Detection, Digital BP Machine with Carrying Case for Adult

Built-in with our latest FitAccu chip and advanced AI algorithms that have been trained by over 1,000 testers, this blood pressure monitor detects your blood pressure with superior high accuracy. While measuring the blood pressure, it also detects your heart rate and will alert you if there is any irregular heartbeat detected.

Through a large reverse backlight display, this blood pressure monitor upper arm presents the readings clearly. With the specially enlarged font, it makes the readings more reader-friendly. No matter in the day, or at night, the blood pressure monitor delivers clear & accurate readings for your health reference.

The BP monitor can accommodate 2 users with up to 240 records (120 for each). And it takes 3 consecutive readings to find your average blood pressure, giving you a more comprehensive reference for health. The adjustable arm cuff (8.7 to 15.7 inches) features auto arm detection tech that alerts you with indicators if operated wrongly, ensuring you accurate results of every detection.

For easy operation, the fully automatic blood pressure monitor starts to detect both your blood pressure and heart rate with just a press. It’s compact and comes with a carrying case, bringing you excellent portability to take it anywhere with you.

Values your health, and every product we send to you has gone through a series of strict quality inspection processes. Rest assured of the BP & HR monitor and if you have any questions, please contact us and our service team is always willing to help.

Welch Allyn Tycos 767 Wall Aneroid with Adult Cuff & Bladder

The Welch Allyn 7670-01CB Tycos 767 Wall Aneroid with Durable Two-Piece Adult Cuff and Bladder has great looks and clinical-grade accuracy make the 767-Series one of the best Tycos aneroids ever.

Nearly one hundred years of experience designing and building the most accurate and durable aneroid sphygmomanometers in the world. With a tradition of delivering true customer value and a high level of customer service, Tycos is the only aneroid sphygmomanometer that is manufactured in the United States. 


The safe and convenient way to take accurate blood pressure readings.

Completely safe, mercury-free and latex-free wall aneroid sphygmomanometer is lifetime certified to be accurate to +/- 3 mmHg.

Precision jeweled bearings resist wear for consistently accurate readings.

Every dial face is individually laser-engraved for exact calibration.

High-impact housing and bezel to protect the movement and crystal.

Crisp white graphics on the large charcoal gray scale provide better readability.

Unique phosphor-bronze aneroid bellows ensure consistent blood pressure measurement.

Recessed dial brings needle and dial markings close together and eliminates parallax.

Meets AAMI accuracy standard of ±3mmHg.

Built-in basket for securely storing the inflation system.

40° side-to-side swivel for clear viewing at all angles.

Durable one-piece blood pressure cuffs last 100, 000 cycles, are easy to use and clean, and are treated with an antimicrobial agent to resist bacterial growth.

Luer lock permits quick interchanges among various cuff sizes.

Latex free.

Riester Ben Extension Module Big, Velcro Cuff Adult

Product Description

Ben Extension Module Big, Velcro Cuff Adult. The ri-former diagnostic station: aesthetically designed modules for optimal diagnostic possibilities. ri-former® and its extension modules fit in with any medical practice or hospital and are color-coordinated to match other Riester products.


Tycos 767 Wall Mounted Blood Pressure Unit with Adult Cuff

Tycos 767 Wall Aneroid has great looks and clinical-grade accuracy. It is certified accurate to ±3 mmHg and is mercury-free and latex-free for safety. It has ruby-jeweled movement for long life and a laser-engraved dial face for accuracy. The dial face is large (6.25") and easy-to-read. The Tycos 767 Wall Aneroid has a built-in cuff storage basket and comes with a Durable One-Piece Adult Cuff. 

UMF Power Exam Tables

UMF Ultra Comfort Top

Articulating head rest

Stainless steel pullout with stainless steel drain pan

Two-position upholstered kneeler/footstep

One-touch, easy-glide stirrups

Electro mechanical actuator system

Concealed paper rolls holder(Accepts 18" or 21" paper)

Duplex, hospital grade, left side electrical receptacle (115V 5 AMPS max)

Hand control


600lbs. weight capacity

Dimensions: Height:19" - 40" at seat section / Width: 27" Length: 71.5" (with foot section extended) - 85" (with foot section & head rest) Leg rest: 16.25"(W) x 9" (H) Head rest: 15" (W) x 8.5" (H) Tilt range: Trendelenburg: to 20 degrees Electrical 

Midmark Ritter 111 Powered Exam & Procedure Chair Refurbished

The Ritter 111 Powered Exam & Procedure Chair is equipped with an easy-to-use foot-controlled pedal to automatically and separately adjust and position the height, tilt, back section and leg section ensuring comfortability for you and your patient.

Easy manual adjustments for head rest, procto positioning and 360-degree rotation and an automatic return positioning button. 

Midmark Ritter 111 Powered Exam & Procedure Chair Specifications:

Height: 26" – 42"

Tilt: 45° Back and Foot section

Dimensions: 27" W x 80" L with headrest

Patient Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Net Weight: 462 lbs

Ritter / Midmark 104 Exam Table



 Exam Table

Ritter 308 w red doors w Original & New Blue Upholstery weight rated 325 

Ritter 222 Barrier Free Power Examination Table

The Ritter 222 Barrier-Free Power Examination Table makes it easy for your practice to accommodate the elderly, expectant mothers, or patients with disabilities easily and efficiently. With an increasingly aging population, your patients may need assistance in accessing an exam table. The 222 delivers with an incredible 18" low height. 

Midmark 623 Barrier-Free Examination Table

The 623 Barrier-Free Examination Table allows patients incapable of getting onto an exam table (whether it be the elderly, or young children) to easily get on, increasing the patient's comfort and satisfaction with the patient experience.

To meet the needs of America's disabled patients, as well as the physicians who care for them, the barrier-free exam tables decrease the chance of injury, helping maintain the patient's dignity and reducing their anxiety. This will help increase exam room efficiency, comfort, and safety.

UMF 5240 Signature Series Exam Table

The UMF 5240 Signature Series exam table maintains the tradition of strength and quality of the original UMF Signature Series, but with an updated look. Reversible drawers eliminate the need to choose a right or left handed table and provide flexibility of room layout. The recessed paper storage area allows for extra storage and convenience, and the seamless molded drawers provide protection from messy spills.

As with all other UMF tables, the 5240 comes standard with our vacuum formed UMF Ultra Comfort Seamless Top for the ultimate in comfort. It’s also easy to clean and helps prevent cross-contamination. Equipped with Easy-glide comfort stirrups, all-steel slide-out foot step, and a fully articulating back section with gas spring assist, the UMF 5240 exam table is the latest addition to one of our most successful product lines. To further increase the versatility of this table, we also include a slide-out leg section with removable drip pan, and a removable upholstered leg section pad as standard equipment.

The 5240 Signature Series exam table has two spacious drawers on the side, and two more drawers on the front. All four drawers operate on heavy duty, full-extension roller bearing drawer glides.

The UMF 5240 Signature Series exam table has a 500 pound (226.8kg) patient weight capacity and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

• UMF Ultra Comfort Seamless Top.

• 13 upholstery and accent color options.

• Articulating back section with gas spring assist.

• One touch, Easy-glide comfort stirrups.

• Slide out leg section with removable upholstered leg rest.

• Removable plastic drip pan (9” x 9” / 22.9cm x 22.9cm)

• Pull-out all steel non slip step (7” / 17.8cm high)

• Paper roll holder.

• Recessed paper roll storage area.

• Two front storage drawers on full extension roller bearing drawer glides.

• Two side storage drawers on full extension roller bearing drawer glides.

• 500 pound (226.8kg) patient weight capacity.

• Leveling glides.

• 5 year limited warranty.

• Height: 31.8” (80.8cm)

• Length: 58.5” - 77.5” (148.6cm – 196.9cm)

• Width: 27” (68.6cm) 

Electric Dental Chair Unit, For Oral Therapy

The latest addition to our Facial Beauty Bed & Chair collection Ink utilizes sleek and streamlined designs. These units are fitted with two electro-hydraulic motors which operate the height adjustment and reclining backrest adjustment which is all conveniently operated via both hand-held remote and foot remote. Ideal for Salon & Spas, tattoo parlors,medical spas and medical offices such as Podiatry and Dentistry

McKesson Exam Table Paper, Premium Crepe, White, 18 in x 125 ft, 12 Count

White Crepe Table Paper

Use exam table crepe paper from McKesson to add a layer of protection to the table surface and its user. It provides wide coverage on the table and for most people. The exam paper functions like a barrier that protects the table from moisture, dirt and other foreign objects. The natural softness of the crepe exam paper creates minimal rustling and noise. Changing the paper with each use of the table also helps its users relax as they know the surface is clean. It comes in white to spot dirt and stains easily. The quality table paper is gentle yet durable enough to stay intact while in use. It is not made with natural rubber latex for the safety of individuals who are highly sensitive to latex. This crepe exam table paper comes in 125-feet rolls.

At a Glance:

Welch Allyn GS 900 Procedure Light

This procedure light, featuring six LEDs, combines outstanding durability, extraor­dinary maneuverability, unparalleled spot quality and multiple mounting options. The ceiling mount option gives caregivers the ability to maximize floor space and direct light wherever it is needed during a procedure. With minimal heat output and high colour temperature, the GS 900 is the perfect low-maintenance, top-performing light for nearly every application in a veterinary hospital. 

Technical Specifications

Wolf X-Ray The Econoline Illuminators - X-Ray Econoline Illuminator


Depth Inches: 0.625"

Rolling Stool Ergonomic Swivel Adjustable Hydraulic Drafting Salon Massage Spa Stool with Comfortable Larger Cushioned Seat, Chrome Metal Base (White)

DORAN DS2100 Mechanical

Physician Scale

A classic design with impressive features offers an easier way to measure height and weight in a hospital, medical office, school, or healthcare facility. 

Capability without complexity. The DS2100 provides an easier way to measure height and weight of patients in a hospital, medical office, school, or healthcare facility.

The device’s straight-forward design doesn’t mean it lacks valuable features. The DS2100 has a weighing capacity of 450lbs – that’s over 15% more than our competition. The large two inch diameter wheels, optional from other scale manufacturers, are a standard item on this unit.

Switching between pounds and kilograms is quick and easy. Simply twist the weighbeams and weigh the patient. With standard and metric units on two separate, color-coded sides of the weighbeams, errors associated with mistaking kilograms for pounds are eliminated.

The convenient aluminum telescoping height rod is included and can be used to measure pediatric or adult patients. The scale’s generously sized scale platform has a removable, slip-resistant cover.

Detecto 339 Physician Scale

The Detecto 339 Physician Scale features a dual-sided weigh beam and a height rod with measurements for imperial and metric unit measuring. The platform for this scale is 10.5" x 14.5" (27 cm x 37 cm). This scale offers convenience for both physician and patient, there is no need to take the patient from the scale to measure both height and weight, measure both with the Detecto 339. To increase capacity of this scale, use Detecto Conversion Weights, sold separately. 

Detecto-6127 Series Waist-High Digital Health Care Scales

Detecto's ProMed 6127 digital healthcare scales are the right choice for home, health and clinical office weighing. These made-in-the USA scale are designed for years of dependable and accurate weighing. Plus it's versatile enough to meet all clinical health requirements. With a capacity of up to 500 lbs, the 612'/s scale platform is designed to monitor weight in the home or medical office. Prescribed by dieticians and physicians, the inclusive BMI (Body Mass Index) feature is easy to read for the monitoring of personal health and medical needs.



Detecto's ProMed 6129 

medical scale 

With height rod is the right choice for home, health and clinical office weighing. This scale is designed for years of dependable and accurate weighing. Plus it's versatile enough to meet all clinical health requirements. With a capacity of up to 500 lbs, the 612'/s scale platform is designed to monitor weight in the home or medical office. Prescribed by dieticians and physicians, the inclusive BMI (Body Mass Index) feature is easy to read for the monitoring of personal health and medical needs.