Welch Allyn 71641-M Universal Charger Desk Set w/ Coaxial Ophthalmoscope

Welch Allyn Universal Charger and Desk Sets Feature:

Compact, portable unit provides convenient drop-in recharging of desk/well-charger instrument handles.

• Colored LEDs indicate power to the unit, and that the handles are seated and charging.

• Advanced circuitry for constant automatic safe charging and optimum lamp performance and life.

• Compact for convenience and mobility

• Includes two 3.5v rechargeable NiCad handles, standard Coaxial Ophthalmoscope, and MacroView™ Otoscope.

• Optional wall mount kit for wall or cabinet (not included).

• Optional specula tray conveniently stores swabs, otoscope specula, and curettes (not included).

The Universal Charger Desk Sets provide you with our most popular handles and instrument heads in an easy-to-order kit.

Key Components:

• Universal Charger Only (71140)

• Two 3.5v Rechargeable NiCad Handle for Desk/Well Chargers (71670)

• 3.5v Coaxial Ophthalmoscope Head (23810)

• 3.5v MacroView™ Otoscope Head with Specula (11720)

Laryngoscope video endoscope / rigid GlideScope® Ranger

The GlideScope AVL Reusable video laryngoscope system is an excellent method of performing laryngoscopy. The unit comes in four reusable sizes and the smart technology embedded within the unit allows for clear, graphic and real-time view of the airway. Intubation can be quickly performed with this unit, how difficult and unpredictable it may seem at the beginning. The clear view delivered by the video ensures that no mistake is made, hence it is used routinely. The real-time recording capacity allows the technician to follow the process once it is going on. An instruction manual helps them to make optimum use of the product.

Welch Allyn 11710 3.5V Standard Ophthalmoscope


  • Halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination

  • Apertures available: micro, small, large, fixation target, slit, red-free filter

  • 28 focusing lenses with a range of -25 to +40 diopters

  • Rubber brow rest prevents scratching of eyeglasses

  • Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn 3.5 V power sources

  • Look for the traditional "flat-top" design you've come to trust

Welch allyn Macro View Otoscope Head

Continuously improving your ability to diagnose accurately and efficiently, Welch Allyn presents the macro view ototscope head

This amazing new instrument is the next generation in otoscopes. Featuring advanced optics that provide 30% more magnification than traditional scopes, which allows you an almost full view of the tympanic membrane and drastically increases clarity and definition of landmarks, this otoscope will enhance your ability to perform fast and efficient examinations and improve your accuracy in diagnosis.

The easy focus eye piece gives you nearly twice the field of view, while allowing you to adjust for differing ear canal lengths or your own far sightedness. Our enhanced optics means you probably don’t need your own glasses while performing exams since this unit is already correcting for any of your visual deficiency. With the enhanced visualization you experience, you’ll be able to see past wax and determine if there is fluid behind the eardrum.

The fiber optic technology provides cool light with no reflections or obstructions. We’ve also improved some mechanical features, including the addition of our special tip grip that ensures your specula is fastened securely and it makes it easier to remove as well.

On top of all these amazing benefits, this model comes with a one year warranty. When you want to provide your patients with the best exam and thereby, diagnostic excellence, the Welchy Allyn is the otoscope to use.

  • Twice the field of view

  • Nearly a full view of the tympanic membrane

  • 30% greater magnification than a traditional otoscope

  • Better clarity and definition of landmarks

  • The ability to adjust focus for variable ear canal lengths or farsighted eyes

  • Tip Grip for secure fastening of ear specula, along with ejection feature for disposal

  • Better clarity and definition of landmark

  • Fiber optics produce cool light with no reflections, no obstruction

Welch Allyn 3.5V Halogen Otoscope Head with LED 4 Polypropylene Specula

Product Description

Halogen illumination with fiber optic light transmission provides brilliant, cool, distal illumination without visual obstruction or specular reflections. Wide angle viewing lens slides left or right for instrumentation under magnification.


Product Description

Schiller Disposable Mouthpieces For SP-150 And SP-250 Spirometer

  • Genuine Schiller disposable plastic mouthpieces for the SP-150 and SP-250 Flow Sensor Spirometers

  • Single use only

  • Flow sensor is sold separately, this is the mouthpieces only

  • 10 Mouthpieces per pack

  • Sold by the pack

  • Manufacturer: Schiller

TM 262 AutoTymp Tympanometer

Product Description:

The Welch Allyn TM 262 AutoTymp offers tympanometry and ipsilateral acoustic reflex testing, with optional manual audiometry in one convenient, compact design. The TM 262 AutoTymp gives users more options and more data, for more complete diagnoses and documentation.


Three-in-one instrument with built-in display and printer saves space and the expense of buying separate units.

Provides an easy tympanometric seal via a lightweight, hand-held probe.

LEDs give step-by-step accounts of test status, indicating proper ear seal, test mode, and test completion.

Test-parameter flexibility lets user decide how to run tests.

Convenient memory capacity stores up to eight test results instantly.

Printout flexibility allows the user to print individual test results or a complete battery, eliminating the need for note taking.

MA 25 Maico Audiometer/Portable Pure Tone

Portability The MA25 Screening Audiometer is the perfect choice for on-the-go hearing professionals. This precision instrument is designed to permit rapid and reliable hearing tests in multiple testing environments. The front controls are easy to understand and simple to operate. The light weight of the MA25 and the convenient carrying case make transportation effortless.

Easy to Transport The super-lightweight MA25 weighs in at only 3.5 lbs. Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand! Tucked into its carrying case (included), the MA25 is one of our smallest, lightest portables.

Engineered for Accuracy Take the MA25 audiometer anywhere with confidence. User-friendly knobs make adjusting frequency and hearing levels easy. The simple push-button operation for right/left, pulse tone and warble..

Universally Accepted This rugged unit lives in schools, children's facilities, camps, educational facilities, state and county health services and medical practices everywhere who need a multi-frequency air conduction screening audiometer.