Coolite Evo

Hair removal optimization

The new generation of diode laser system, Coolite Evo is dedicated to hair removal optimization while also giving estheticians the opportunity to offer new treatments by using its enhanced features.

No pain, no touch laser hair removal method and multi-lift absorption principles, make the Coolite Evo perfect to provide quick healing treatments and results in 1-3 sessions.


• Include several wavelengths suitable for hair removal, wrinkle reduction and acne treatment.

• The Coolite Evo emits extremely powerful energy beams to selectively vaporize unwanted hair follicles.

• Protects the surrounding tissue and offers results that lasts for a long while.

Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator Dermatrix Shenzhen GSD Tech

Dermatrix adopts non-invasive fractional RF to deliver heat energy deep into the subcutaneous layers to regenerate collagen, restore skin firmness and improve skin texture, producing the maximum dermal effects while minimize the damage to the epidermis. Obvious instant and long term skin rejuvenation result can be obtained after factional RF treatment. 


Giusy Radiofrequency Equipment

The new Giusy radiofrequency equipment can be used on both the body and face, offering immediate results in facial rejuvenation and body reshaping eliminating wrinkles, smoothing skin appearance, and providing luminosity that disappears with age.


• 5.5-inch LCD screen

Weight: 44lbs

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 30 cm

Laser tattoo removal MODEL Med-810A 

Deciding to purchase  beauty equipment, you will become the owner of an innovative device with unique operational capabilities and relatively inexpensive prices guaranteed a quick payback.

Among the wide range of our products there is a premium line Med-810A Safety Laser System.

Features of the Med-810A.

The laser has three wavelengths: 1064nm, 532 nm.

1064 nm is for treatment of the color in black, dark, blue pigmentation of the skin; removes and brightens pigment spots, is used to treat onychomycosis (nail plate)

- 532 nm is for treatment of the color in red and brown pigmentation of the skin;


Nd:YAG Laser Med-810A aimed to cope with different problems such as:

-  permanent make-up removal;

-  tattoos of all types;

-   laser carbon skin rejuvenation;

-  laser acne treatment;

-  laser pigment spots removal,

-  birth mark and spider veins removal;

-  onychomycosis treatment.


Key benefits of Med-810A:

 1. Advanced set of functions.

 2. Ergonomic design suitable for operation.

 3. Reliable water-and-air cooling system.

 4. LCD control panel easy-to-use.

 5. Safety operation.

Functional features of pigmentation removal.

The Nd YAG Laser technology of Med-810A is recognized as the gold standard of tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal on the Med-810A is a safe, non-invasive method of removal pigments of any color, any complexity and depth.

For removing tattoos and permanent make-up, a nozzle tip of maximum wavelength 1064 nm is used. It allows to remove tattoos by the method of selective photothermolysis with a minimal risk of scarring, without skin damage.

The tattoo and permanent tattoo removal on the Med-810A Laser is run with several sessions. During the first treatment, you must determine the complexity of the situation and determine the approximate number of sessions. The speed and efficiency of excretion depends on a number of factors: depth, saturation, quality and density of the pigment, the presence of scar tissue on the surface. One session of the procedure lasts from several minutes to several hours-it depends on the area being treated. The average takes from 5 to 10 sessions with the optimal interval from 1 to 2 months, with moderate laser power. On average, in one session, tattoo (or permanent make-up) is lightened by 15-50%.


Lipolaser and Kotz waves: different types of technology with delivery via the same plate actuator. Elits’ exclusive aesthetic technique for non-invasive treatments for Slimming, Modeling and Body Toning. One creates a lipolytic effect by inducing heat and the other simulates physical activity useful for the drainage of metabolic waste produced by overheating of adipose tissues. • Resistive radiofrequency: technology useful for the stimulation of the production of new collagen. The result is a long-lasting lifting and firming effect. • Pressotherapy: aesthetic treatment based on the external pressure of the areas relating to lower and upper limbs and abdomen for a draining result. The action takes place through a suit made up of leggings and an abdominal band divided up into fourteen combined sectors, automatically operated according to pre-established procedures


Mechanical exfoliation unit ELIGHTS 


The eLIGHTs device was born from the concept of the lotus flower, to rise and to be reborn, as symbol of renaissance of the face which finds a new light fighting the signs of aging. The device 3 in 1 presents these sections: eCleaner eCare ePatch Each of these sections has the purpose of restoring the correct oxygenation of the face, its radiance and vitality. eCleaner has the purpose of removing corneal lamellae, it has an exfoliating and revitalizing action thanks to the aid of the ultrasonic technology. eCare is the combination of 4 technologies in a single handpiece: it favours mesodermal delivery, stimulates microcirculation, detaches the tissue by vacuum and stimulates the development of neo-collagen by diathermy. ePatch requires the application of adhesive patches on site to fight the signs of aging with a similar Botox action. Stimulation of cellular turnover Substantial reduction of expression lines and wrinkles Increased tissue oxygenation Revitalization of epidermal tissue Attenuation of brownish discoloration Simil Botox action Sinergy of innovative technologies that require and not the help of the operator Innovative and customizable applied methodology to every single face blemish Designed with linear and elegant shapes The device is made-to-measure for your cabin



Wells Johnson Hercules Aspirator 

Wells Johnson Hercules Aspirator, featuring a smooth gray casing, manufactured in dent-free, scratch-resistant polymer plastic. The Hercules model from Wells Johnson is the top-of-the-line aspirator that’s unprecedented in performance and quality. HERCULES features state-of-the-art technology in exterior component design with a new space-age polymer casing that’s scratch resistant and defies denting.

HERCULES, with three high-powered dual-cylinder piston pumps, is the most powerful aspirator on the market and yet its operation is quiet to the ear. Standard all-brass fittings resist corrosion and pre-tested high-pressure tubing exceeds all industry requirements ensuring reliability for years to come.

Wells Johnson Hercules Aspirator Features

Wells Johnson Aspirator III

Wells Johnson Aspirator III Suction Pump with Accessories

The Wells Johnson Aspirator III Suction Pump, in a smooth gray casing and manufactured in dent-free, scratch-resistant polymer plastic, has had its interior redesigned with simplicity in mind.

Powered by dual-synchronized piston pumps and surrounded by a special 2″ sound-absorbing foam, the Wells Johnson Aspirator III aspirator delivers time-saving performance without being heard. It’s truly the quietest aspirator Wells Johnson has ever manufactured.

When you choose the Wells Johnson aspirator, you’ll receive superior quality throughout, with all-brass fittings and pre-tested high-pressure tubing, exceeding all industry requirements and ensuring reliability for years to come.

Multiple CRD™ canister tandem 

This is a four-canister tandem setup to be used when fluid collection of as much as 12,000cc is anticipated 

GSD machine for permanent hair removal, skin treatment and acne clearance

Equipment for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. New automatically intelligentized lamp type recognization, digitized lamps shots management and one button for standby and ready working modes give you bran-new humanized operation. Economy investment brings maximum earnings.


PTF light: Photo therapy flash

Multi-wavelength and wide pulse duration enabling heat energy to penetrate deeper into skin. Ultimate results are attained with relative low energy and long heat duration on skin by Patented Smoothing Monopulse, with the painless, safe and effective treatment.


GSD IPL Plus is suitable for the performance of SPA, Skin Care Center, Clinic, Medical SPA and so on, giving excellent results for:

Hair removal

Skin rejuvenation


1. Touch screen in user-oriented with intelligent menu operation.

2. Patented technology: Two parallel lamps. Parallel double tube in series, equable light energy distribution.

3. Stable filter of harmful wave. Filter detrimental spetrum UV and output wide spectrum energy.

4. Suitable for kinds of skin with instant effect and long-lasting results without any hurt.

5. Intellectualized controlling technology of chargeing and discharging assures accurate output energy.

6. Energy storing element discharges completely to avoid accident resulted from excess energy.

Technical Specifications:

Energy range: 16J~50J

Spot size: 40mm× 18mm

Wavelength: 500 ~ 1200nm

Pulse duration: 30ms ~ 45ms

Pulse duration rate: 2 ~ 5ms

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz; AC120V 50Hz

Output power: 600W

Dimension: 510mm× 410mm× 280mm

Environment temperature: +5° C ~ +40° C

Storage temperature: -20° C ~ +55° C

Humidity: ≤ 80%

Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa 

BTL-5000 SWT Power Shockwave Therapy from BTL

The BTL-6000 SWT power shockwave therapy from BTL is highly-effective, non-invasive treatment for pain associated with musculoskeletal system.

Main Features:

High frequency up to 22 Hz

Burst mode for extra-sensitive patients

8.4'' colour touch screen

Colour therapeutic encyclopaedia with anatomical images

User-defined diagnoses

Modular system – possibility of later upgrade with electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser, or magnetotherapy

Supplied with the most comfortable applicator on the market – special ergonomic grip and elimination of backward shocks

DIAMOND TURBO DELUXE Microdermabrasion Multifunction Facial Machine 

Diamond Dermabrasion is an affordable and portable option to provide diamond dermabrasion treatments. This allows the exfoliation of the surface layer of the skin and promotes the growth of the underlying dermis, which results in a smoother and brighter appearance of the skin. This treatment is less aggressive than dermabrasion and can be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and uneven pigmentation. 

Set of 5 Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula - 4 cannulas with Reusable Handle CE FDA 

Product Name: Luer Lock Liposuction Cannulas Set

5 Pieces

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 12cm, Dia: 2mm Curved

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 15cm, Dia: 2mm Straight

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 15cm, Dia: 2mm Curved

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 15cm, Dia: 2mm Double Curved

1 pcs Luer Lock Cannula Handle

Technical Specifications

Material: A Grade Stainless Steel

Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated

Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes

Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula – 4 cannulas with Reusable Handle 5 Piece Set

Product Details:

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 12cm, Dia: 2mm Curved

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 15cm, Dia: 2mm Straight

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 15cm, Dia: 2mm Curved

1 pcs Luer Lock Infiltration Cannula Length: 15cm, Dia: 2mm Double Curved

1 pcs Luer Lock Cannula Handle

Tebbetts Fiber Optic Retractor 

Tebbetts Fiber Optic Retractor Insulated With Teeth Fiber optic illumination with suction for spoke evacuation Angled Retractor tip with blunt teeth Polished mirror finish on blade to reflect light inside the pocket.All Tebbetts Breast Retractors have Serrated Teeth as pictured and come with light and Suction.

Tebbetts Fiber Optic Retractor is a useful tool in variety breast reconstructive surgeries.Tebbetts Fiber Optic Retractor Insulated designed to enhance perception and allow surgeons to experience minimized fatigue and optimal illumination.

The universal adaptor on these instruments is compatible with standard light sources.

The curved, tapered blade allows for safe retraction of skin and soft tissue and ergonomic handle is designed to reduce physician or assistant fatigue.

All Tebbetts Breast Retractor have a smooth end as pictured and come with Light and Suction.

4 Motors Electric Facial Chair Full Electrical Massage Table Dental Bed Aesthetic Adjustable Reclining Chair for Podiatry Tattoo Spa Salon All Purpose Bed Chair (White)

Color: White

Product Dimensions: 39"D x 35"W x 63"H

Back Style: Split Back

Special Feature: Adjustable Height


 Armrest Rotate: 180°; Footrest Adjust: Lowest position to 180°; Headrest: Extendable & Detachable (Suit different body height); Seat Height: 23.6-33.4"(Stop at any height); Backrest Reclinable Angle: 0-90°. Customized by a remote controller.


 Well selected PU leather, exquisite stitching and thick padded foam, guarantee extreme cozy seating experience. Enjoy the whole process with your professional service and this chair.


 Constructed with iron frame and sturdy glass fiber reinforced plastic base, this one can hold up to 440LB load. A must-have for big sized persons. The headrest has a removable pillow, perfect for back-work.

Med Spa Chair w Original Black Upholstery and Foot Control


HUNTLEIGH HEALTHCARE Electric massage table 

3 Section Hi Lo Treatment Table


Safe working load and lifting capacity of 240Kg

• The power assisted backrest section incorporates anti-trap design gas strut

• Height-adjustable armrests on each side of the headrest

• Backrest angle adjustment from -25˚ to +40˚

• Choice of hydraulic or electric height elevation

• Excellent height range from 45cm to 98cm

• Retractable wheel design with adjustable foot for stability on uneven surfaces

• Breathing hole and plug included as standard

• Purpose made precision bearings on all pivot points

• Clearance beneath frame for mobile hoist

• Hand switch fitted as standard on electric models

• Standard upholstery width of 65cm

Steel Mat Platform Tables