Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator| 10.4 GUI | Cart

The Covidien Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator provides a solid foundation on which to build your ideal ventilation solution. With the addition of optional advanced technology upgrades,the pb 840 can meet the specific needs of practically every patient type you care for—from neonatal patients weighing as little as 300 grams to adult patients weighing as much as 150 kg.

Advanced Technology: DualView touchscreens, High-performance pneumatics, and dual-microprocessor electronics.

Easy Upgrades: Software can be upgraded and customized to meet a variety of future clinical needs.

Enhanced noninvasive ventilation (NIV) for use with a stable respiratory drive.

Data Integration: Supports communication with all major patient monitoring and hospital information systems for use in electronic data transfer.

Optional Clinivision® Mobile Patient Charting software provides the ability to practice evidence-based medicine.

Low Overall Cost of Ownership: The Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator is engineered with high volume environments in mind. It is durable, reliable, and easy to service.

Infant Flow SiPAP

For over two decades, the Infant Flow CPAP system has delivered gentle respiratory support to thousands of neonates worldwide. The system, combined with the patented variable flow generator, provides NPPV by offering nasal CPAP and Biphasic modalities. The system takes the work out of breathing, freeing precious calories to be used for growth and development. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the European Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome each recommend the early use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). 

Allied Epv200 Portable Ventilator With Assist Control

Simple, lightweight, robust and affordable, the EPV200 with Assist-Control is a portable mechanical ventilator designed to provide effective ventilation for intubated or non-intubated patients, maximizing medical surge response during the initial stages of a mass casualty event. 

This gas-powered electronically-controlled vent is extremely easy to use, and is equipped with independent inspiratory time, tidal volume and BPM controls. It also features a built-in digital manometer and a full array of pre-set visual and audible safety alarms. The Assist-Control function triggers at less than -2 cm H2O to accommodate spontaneous breathing. The weather-resistant EPV200 will run for up to 48 hours on two D cell batteries, and is ideal for stockpiling or everyday use.

Assist Control triggers at less than -2cm H2O

Flow Rate: 12-36 lpm

Breathing Rate: Adjustable - 0, 5-30 breathes per minute

Tidal Volume: Adjustable - 200-1200ml

Inspiratory Time: 1 or 2 seconds

PEEP: External, 0-20 cm H2O (With PEEP adapter)

FiO2: 100%

Manometer Readout: Digital 0-99cm H2O

Airway Pressure Limit: Fixed 60cm H2O


Depth: 3.5" in 

Width: 7" in.

Height: 9.3" in.

Weight: 3.1 lbs (with batteries)

Impact ZOLL® Uni-Vent® 731 EMV+ w/Masimo SPO2

Designed to meet military and civilian transport standards, the versatile Impact Uni-Vent® 731 EMV+ portable critical care ventilator is ideal for air medical and ambulance transport of infants (≥5 kg), pediatric patients, and adults. Just 9.7 pounds (4.4 kg), the EMV+ is lightweight yet rugged and features an energy-efficient integrated, high-flow compressor and oxygen system. The unprecedented 10-hour battery run-time and multisource power system allow operation and rapid charging using any power source.

For military users, the EMV+ has Airworthiness Release and is safe to fly on rotary and fixed-wing Army, Air Force, and Navy aircraft. The fully transflective LCD and Silent and Dark mode capability allow operation in all light conditions


The IMPACT EAGLE 754 Ventilator is one of the best critical care transport ventilators on the market.

Featuring an internal compressor and blender the EAGLE offers PEEP with Controlled Assist ,SIMV,CPAP,& CMV[For Apnea Backup] ventilation modes.

Completely self contained ,the IMPACT EAGLE 754 is battery powered ,weighs just 12LB. and consumes no gas.

Its bright graphic LCD provides monitoring and alarm settings.

An interactive demo/teaching mode assures prompt startup sequence in as little as three steps.

Bird T Bird AVS3 Ventilator


Ventilator Circuit Expandable Tube 60 Inch Tube Dual Limb Adult Without Bag Single Patient Use Heated Circuit

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Application: Ventilator Circuit

Breathing Bag Size

Without Bag: Circuit Type

Heated Circuit: Filter Type

Inspiratory and Expiratory Filter

For Use With

Fisher and Paykel Humidification Systems: Limb Type

Dual Limb: Mask Type

Without Mask: Tube Type

Expandable Tube: Tubing Length

60 Inch Tube

UNSPSC Code: 42272229

Usage: Single Patient Use

User: Adult

AirLife Ventilator Circuit with Manifold 2 Supply Lines 

AirLife Ventilator Circuit with Manifold 2 Supply Lines Vyaire Medical 001618- 1 Each.

Small Volume Nebulizer with Universal Connector, 7 Foot Oxygen Tubing, 39 Inch Reservoir Tube, 2 Supply Lines and mouthpiece.

Compatible with Bird, Puritan-Bennett and other commonly used IPPB devices.

Features a silicone diaphragm inside a retainer cap that can be turned to direct exhaled air away from the therapist and patient.

120 degree baffled Quick-Neb nebulizer for faster treatment time.

.Includes 2 supply lines.

Hudson RCI Corr-A-Flex Tubing


• Flexible, lightweight, disposable tubing.

• Collared tubing end slips on and locks to 22mm adapters for secure fit.

Respironics BiPAP Focus Ventilator

Product Description



The BiPAP Focus Noninvasive Ventilator is a basic bi-level delivery system designed

specifically for the institutional setting.

Ventilatory assistance is provided to stable,

lower acuity patients with respiratory insufficiency or failure.

Compact and lightweight, the BiPAP Focus System provides features that make delivery

of noninvasive ventilation easy and effective:


Like many other Respironics bi-level ventilators, the BiPAP Focus System includes Respironics’ proprietary Digital

Auto-Trak Sensitivity. This feature assures optimum triggering and cycling sensitivity

throughout changing breathing patterns and leaks. It also eliminates the need for

a perfect seal of the patient interface and constant adjustment while promoting

patient-ventilator synchrony.


Designed for the hospital environment, the user interface is easy to use. It allows the

practitioner to easily and quickly adjust patient care settings.

Impact Ultra-lite Series 326/326M Portable Suction System w/ Power Supply & Accs

This Impact, Ultra-lite Series 326/326M, Portable Suction System with Power Supply and Accessories 

Ambu Bag Oxygen

Made of high-quality materials, the PVC transparent mask can fit the patient's face perfectly.

100% latex free, PVC manual resuscitation, respiratory resuscitation.

This product keeps the airways open. Suitable for home and professional use.

This product is easy to operate, easy to carry, adjustable, and requires no electric device.

Simple design, easy to install and use, suitable for home and professional use.

Mask with Top Valve, Flexible