Philips - IntelliVue MP60 and MP70

The Philips IntelliVue MP70 patient monitor gives healthcare providers a robust, scalable platform for information management that’s easy to use, reliable, and configurable to each area’s specific needs.

The IntelliVue family improves information flow, contributing to quicker therapeutic turnaround times and more comprehensive data for clinical decision making. The Philips Intellivue  MP70 patient monitors are designed to match the pace and unique needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal intensive care; anesthesia and peri-operative care; and cardiac care environments. 

IntelliVue MP70 is compatible with a range of SpO2 technologies and sensors from Philips, Masimo, and Nellcor.

IntelliVue MP70 also has a highly flexible touchscreen configuration; an extensive clinical measurements menu; built-in clinical support tools such as Event Surveillance, conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, and multi-lead arrhythmia analysis; and many other powerful features. 

The Philips IntelliVue MP60 patient monitor gives healthcare providers a robust, scalable platform for information management that’s easy to use, reliable, and configurable to each area’s specific needs.

The IntelliVue family improves information flow, contributing to quicker therapeutic turnaround times and more comprehensive data for clinical decision making.


Philips IntelliVue X2


The Philips IntelliVue X2 is a Multi-measurement module - it is a versatile patient monitor with a touchscreen display. At just 2.7 pounds, it's small size and large capacity make it truly a seamless transport across all levels of patient monitoring. It is small enough and powerful enough to go anywhere. The IntelliVue MMS X2 can simultaneously monitor 3-, 5-, 6- or 10-lead ECG (including arrhythmia and ST monitoring), respiration, SpO2, NBP and either invasive pressure and temperature, or CO2.

One of the lightest, smallest and rugged critical care transport monitors available.

An MMS with display, alarm capability, 3-hour removable battery, and extended trends.

Crisp, colorful touchscreen with 3.5” display with seamless electronic recording.

Connect to a large display solution based on Philips IntelliVue XDS software to transform the compact IntelliVue X2 into a versatile standalone monitor with the same outstanding screen flexibility available in high-acuity IntelliVue monitors.

Transmits data wired or wirelessly to the IntelliVue Information Center, or just plug and play to upload data to another IntelliVue monitor.

Philips IntelliVue X2 Specifications


Height: 3.9 In (9.9 cm)

Width: 7.4 In (18.8 cm)

Depth: 3.4 In (8.6 cm)

Weight: 2.8 lbs. (1.25 kg)


Power consumption

<12 W average

<30 W while battery is charging

Operating Voltage: 36 to 60 V DC floating


Operating Time (Basic Monitoring Configuration): 2.5 Hours

Charge Time (Off): 2 Hours

Charge Time (On): 12 Hours

Philips IntelliVue MP70 Monitor Navigation Speed Point Controller Assembly 


Philips IntelliVue MP60/MP70/MP80/MP90 Monitor Navigation Speed Point Controller Assembly

Used with Philps MP60/MP70/MP80/MP90

GE Datex-Ohmeda Cardiocap/5 Patient Monitor

The GE Datex-Ohmeda Cardiocap/5 Patient Monitor includes an ECG cable and leads, SpO2 sensor and extension, NIBP cuff and hose, N-XREC Recorder Module with a roll of paper, new battery, and a power cord. 

The Cardiocap/5 is a compact, all-in-one monitor that offers comprehensive vital signs monitoring capabilities for all anesthesia monitoring locations throughout the perioperative environment. Its compact size fits in places where space is at a premium. The frame integrated mounting piece allows quick and easy mounting on wall rail, roll stand, and anesthesia machine mounting arms.

The Cardiocap/5 is designed for use in the operating room, ambulatory surgery unit, induction room, and PACU. The Cardiocap/5 offers full vital signs monitoring capabilities from the monitoring of oxygenation and circulation to advanced airway gas analysis and ventilation measurement with patient spirometry. Configuration options allow you to choose the set of parameters which best suit your needs.

The unit has an outstanding user interface, the trademark of all Datex-Ohmeda monitors, making it easy to use, easy to learn, and the perfect partner for any anesthesia machine

The Datex Ohmeda S/5 Light Patient Monitor 

The Datex Ohmeda S/5 Light Patient Monitor is a portable patient monitor that helps you measure your patient’s vital signs efficiently and without interruption at the bedside or during transport. And as a member of the S/5 Monitoring family, its user interface, accessories and service requirements are familiar and compatible.  The S/5 Light Monitor is designed to ensure effortless monitoring during transport between care sites or in the emergency department with its lightweight and compact shape. 

CONTEC MODEL CMS7000 Portable Vital Signs ICU Patient Monitor 6-Parameter

This device can monitor such parameters as ECG, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP and dual-channel TEMP, etc. It integrates parameter measurement module, display and recorder in one device to form a compact and portable equipment. At the same time, its built-in replaceable battery provides convenience for patient moving.


Standard parameters: ECG, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP, dual-channel TEMP

1)ECG   Heart rate(HR)

   ECG waveform

   Arrhythmia and ST-segment analysis

2)RESP   Respiration rate(RR)

   Respiration waveform

3)SpO2   Pulse oxygen saturation(SpO2)

   Plethysmogram(PLETH) waveform

   Pulse rate(PR)

   Bar graph

4)NIBP   Systolic pressure(SYS), Diastolic pressure(DIA), Mean pressure(MEAN)

5)TEMP   T1, T2, TD

It has abundant functions, such as audible and visual alarm, trend data storage and output, NIBP measurement, alarm event marking and drug concentration calculation, etc. 

Tranquility II

TRANQUILITY II is a pre-configured, compact, lightweight, and portable Patient Monitor.

 It is a flexible and reliable adult, pediatric and neonate vital sign monitor for all types of settings including Surgery, ICU, PACU, Recovery, and Emergency. 

The TRANQUILITY II  is designed for compiling, processing, analyzing, and displaying data from nine (9) different parameters up to 72 hrs trends time.

Easy ​​Upgradable to Dual Invasive Blood Pressure, ETCO2, and Anesthetics Agents

The ease of upgrading to EtCO2, dual IBP, and Anesthetic Agents depending on clinical needs make TRANQUILITY II adaptable to various situations and workflows in any medical environment.

With the Masimo ISA sidestream analyzers, the TRANQUILITY II delivers a variety of configurations, designed to measure single gas CO2 capnography or provide a variety of advanced anesthetic agent analysis.

Diagnostic Station DS-20

SCHILLER´s DS-20 Diagnostic Station offers speed, precision, and best of all, a single cleaning surface at the first point of contact with patients.

The DS-20 was developed to perform Vital signs (Temperature, NIBP, SPO2, HR, and Respiration Rate), Resting EKG & Rhythm EKG, all in one device.  

It also fits in different patient's care process at Urgent Cares, Hospitals ERs, and Doctor's offices because the Triage can be perform in 3 minutes with only one device, which otherwise may take longer using multiple devices.

Daily use of the DS-20 helps improve work flow, reducing the workload of nurses and promoting the feeling of immediate care to patients.

DS-20 provides the most precise measurements to make the best medical decisions.


With state-of-the-art monitoring technology and dedicated clinical tools, the VITA 1100 and VITA 1200 monitors are the ideal solution for critical care.

Philips Itellivue MP30 Bedside Patient Monitor

The Philips IntelliVue MP30 patient monitor provide powerful monitoring and essential measurements in a compact design. Ideal for intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, post-op care, lower acuity areas, and during patient transfer. 

With compatible Multi-Measurement Server and extensions, the MP20 and MP30 deliver exceptional clinical measurements including capnography, conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, respiration, FAST-SpO₂, temperature, BIS, and cardiac output.

Touchscreen simplifies tasks

Schiller T-Lite Patient Monitor

The Shiller T-Lite Patient Monitor includes an Adult Blood Pressure Cuff, NIBP hose, Adult Pulse Oximetry Sensor with Cord, 5 Lead ECG Cable, Skin Temperature Sensor Probe, Operating Manual, and Power Cord. 

Schiller T-Lite Patient Monitor Specifications:

PaceTech VITALMAX 4000 Medical Monitor

Standard Functions 

3.5 Lead ECG*NIBP*Sp02

* Impedance Respiration

* ST Segment/Arrhythmia Analysis

* Priority Alarms

* Tabular Trending/Graphical Trending

* Touch Screen

* Printer

* CO2 Port

* Drug Calculations


* Patient ID Input

* Ethernet/RS232

* 2 Temperatures

GE Healthcare Dash 4000 Patient Monitor 

Portable bedside monitoring for multiple care areas.

The full featured Dash 4000 monitor offers a 10.4-inch screen and is a comprehensive portable bedside monitoring solution. From presentation in the Emergency Department to surgery in the OR to recovery in the PACU, treatment in the ICU and transfer to the Stepdown unit, the Dash monitor is an exceptional choice for every point of care


Lightweight and rugged for portability

Advanced clinical parameters including 12SL for simultaneous ECG monitoring,

GE EK-Pro for multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, ICG, mainstream and sidestream


Networking options include wired and wireless

Up to 7 waveforms and up to 4 invasive pressures

High resolution CRG trends for NICU monitoring

GE Dash 3000 Patient Monitor

The GE Dash 3000 Patient Monitor is a reliable, affordable monitor that allows you to treat your patients with speed, accuracy, and precision. This patient monitor features GE EK-Pro arrhythmia program, GE Dinamap SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure, Masimo or Nellcor SpO2, and Alaris Turbo Temp.

In Addition, The GE Dash 3000 Patient Monitor is durable, portable, and easy to use. Features include an easily configurable display and a long battery life allowing for patient transport without interruption.

Schiller 0-750000 Tranquility II Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

The Schiller Tranquility II Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor is the Perfect System to Monitor Patients. The Patient Monitoring System can Monitor ECG, SpO2, NIBP, HR, Temperature and Resp. to provide a Full Picture on the Patient’s Health. The Display is built with Physician’s Convenience in mind with as 12.1” Color Touch Screen Display.


The Touch Screen has an Easy User Interface to Save Time where Efficiency is needed. The Compact Design is Convenient for Mobile Monitoring. This allows the Tranquility II to be used for Mobile or Stationary Monitoring. This makes the Tranquility II a go to system appropriate for use in Emergency Room Settings, Clinics, or Practices.


The Patient Monitoring System has many Softwares to help provide a clear image of Patient Health and Treatment Options. The Tranquility II has S-T Segment and 72 hours Trend Data Analysis to help provide a Full Picture. It also provides Drug Dose Calculation to help Start Treatments. The System has Multi-Lead ECG Monitoring and Displays a NIBP list along with OxyCRG Dynamic View Display. The Tranquility II Displays 4, 6, and 8 Waveforms with Clear, Large Font Display.

The Patient Monitoring System has Multi-Lingual Settings so it can be used in Multi-Lingual Areas. It is Networkable with Central Monitoring System via a Wireless or Wired Network. 


OPUS i12pro

Highly advanced and affordable multi-parameter monitor

- 12.1” wide LED screen with 6 waveforms


- 26 types of Arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis and pacemaker detection

- OxyCRG, Drug Calculation

- 96 full hours trend data storage

- Single level menu selection


The Mindray Datascope Accutorr V Patient Monitor includes NIBP, SpO2, and printer. Configuration with temperature is available.

The Accutorr V patient monitor is an easy to use, non-invasive blood pressure monitor with added features and capabilities. Every unit comes equipped with a printer, lithium ion battery, and SpO2 technology.

The Accutorr V is capable of storing up to 1200 measurements easily accessible by patient ID through bar code technology. Plus using the Accutorr CS Charting Solution you can conveniently connect the Accutorr V to your facility's EMR. If maximum flexibility, high value, and reliability match your vital signs needs, then look no further than the Accutorr V monitoring solution. 

VITA 1100a NEW

With state-of-the-art monitoring technology and dedicated clinical tools, the VITA 1100 and VITA 1200 monitors are the ideal solution for critical care. 


With state-of-the-art monitoring technology and dedicated clinical tools, the VITA 1100 and VITA 1200 monitors are the ideal solution for critical care.


Sistema de monitoração para quem busca qualidade, segurança e tecnologia com desempenho clínico altamente confiável. Os monitores multiparâmetros VITA 500 e VITA 600 apresentam desde monitoração básica até a mais complexa, garantindo solução definitiva em diversas areas  hospitalares.

Monitores VITA 1000 Series NEW

Com alta tecnologia de monitoração e ferramentas clínicas dedicadas, os monitores VITA 1100 e VITA 1200 são a solução ideal para cuidados críticos. Os equipamentos apresentam módulos plug and play, alarmes audiovisuais ajustáveis, rack extensor de módulos interface intuitiva  com atalhos e telas customizáveis e módulos resistentes com conexão infravermelho.


Monitore com segurança e precisão.  Indicado para triagem o VITA i20 possui design compacto com ajuste de ângulo proporcionando perfeita visualização e facilidade de manuseio além de possuir as principais funções de triagem como modo SPOT e protocolo MEWS.


The VITA 400® Series Monitors are designed for medical teams that need easy handling from user-friendly interfaces and have various types of screen views to meet different needs efficiently and accurately. Durable equipment with excellent cost-benefit and flexible features that ensure effective monitoring of patients of different acuity levels. Direct communication with the VITA monitoring center allowing healthcare professionals to view the status of patients anytime and anywhere.

Datascope Mindray SPECTRUM Monitor

Datascope Mindray SPECTRUM Monitor Refurbished. This is 12.1″ High Resolution Display with 8 auto configurable waveform. It comes with different parameters such as ECG, NIBP, IBP, SPO2 (MASIMO, Oximax, Datex Ohmeda), Temperature, Printer and CO2 Optional 

Mindray Datascope Passport V


The Mindray Passport V Patient Monitor is a color-screen monitor with standard parameters including ECG,  Microstream EtCO2, Masimo SpO2 technology, Respiration, Recorder, NIBP, and TEMP.


The T-Lite combines in one unit all the necessary measurements for patients under conscious anesthesia, for surgical recovery, or bed side monitoring. With 2 or 3 waveforms displayed, graphical and tabular trends, audible and visible alarms and optional thermal printer, the T-Lite offers professional features in a small package for adult, neonate and pediatric patients.

Standard Accessories Included:

NEW Criticare VitalCare Vital Signs Monitor w/ DOX SpO2, NIBP, HR and Printer 

Perfect for either spot-checks or continuous multi-parameter monitoring, the VitalCare is an easy-to-use monitor with a simple user interface and color-coded LED display. With more than 15 customizable configurations, the VitalCare offers maximum versatility while being extremely cost effective.

Features and Benefits

Faster, more comfortable readings through the proprietary ComfortCuff® NIBP that measures on inflation

Adult, pediatric and neonate settings to test a complete range of patients

Adjustable audible and visual alarm settings during continuous monitoring

Large, responsive keys on an easy-to-clean membrane keypad to expedite spot-checking

A compact design with a built-in handle that is easy to attach to roll stands or wall mounts, making it highly transportable

Connectivity to numerous Electronic Medical Records systems

Parameters include ComfortCuff® NIBP, Heart Rate and Nellcor OxiMa™ SpO2 technology

Included internal printer for on-demand, automatic interval, trends or multi-patient reports

Materials Included

VitalCare Vital Signs Monitor

1 DOX SpO2 Adult Reusable Finger Sensor

1 NIBP Hose

1 Small Adult NIBP Cuff

1 Adult NIBP Cuff

1 Large Adult NIBP Cuff

1 Paper Roll

1 Power Cord

User Manual


The Edan M3 is an affordable, accurate, and durable Vital Signs Monitor with multi-parameter functionality designed for outpatient and ward situations. With a portable design and a wide range of features, the M3 series serves as a vital spot check and a continuous monitoring solution for medical professionals.

The M3 features a 5.6” color LCD display, real-time measurements & trend display, and flexible configurations to meet different clinical needs. This vital signs monitor offers SpO2, NIBP, and optional TEMP monitoring.

HL7 and LAN support allows for streamlined connectivity capabilities to a Central Monitoring Station or EMR.


Configurations include:

Schiller Tranquility VS Vital Signs Monitor w/ CO2, SpO2, NIBP & Temperature 


The Schiller Tranquility Vital Signs Patient Monitor offers Patient Monitoring with a simple interface, in a lightweight, portable, battery-powered package.

Features and Benefits

Materials Included

Technical Specifications


Designed for the way you work-the GE DINAMAP Mobility Workstation roll stand was designed with clinicians for clinicians.

Dinamap Pro 400V2 Vital Signs Monitor with BP Hose and SPO2 Finger Sensor on Stand

DINAMAP Pro 400 brings together proven DINAMAP algorithms in a monitor with enhanced reliability features, and the durability you expect from a GE Dinamap Vital Signs Monitor.

With the GE DINAMAP Pro 400 Monitor, you can take BP measurements that are fast, accurate and comfortable for your patients. And, you can obtain reliable temperature readings in seconds and get oxygen saturation readings using your choice of SpO2 solutions – the industry-leading Masimo® SET® (gold standard) or Nellcor® OxiMax.® So, you can spend less time checking vitals and more time on actual patient care.

GE Dinamap Carescape V100 with NIBP, SpO2 & Temperature

The CARESCAPE V100 monitor is designed for care areas where patients require vital signs measurements. It can go with you from one patient to the next, and because of its speed, accuracy and connectivity, the CARESCAPE V100 monitor collects the right information at the point of care to help you make fast, quality care decisions.

This monitor features an easy-to-read display with a simple menu that allows caregivers to customize settings. Its 11-hour battery life increases portability. Maintains data even when the battery is discharged. Mobile stand available to increase portability throughout your facility. Memory stores up to 25 tests within a 24-hour period.

Welch Allyn Spot LXi Vital Signs Monitor

The Welch Allyn Spot LXi Vital Signs Monitor can be customized to meet the specific needs of you and your facility. Capable of taking vital signs quicker than most other spot-check devices, this top-of-the-line monitor will allow you to spend as much time as you need with your patients. It also boasts the added ease of use and reliability you've come to expect from Welch Allyn devices and it is even compatible with select digital scales. 

Welch Allyn 4200B Spot Vital Signs Monitor w/ Hose & Cuff


Vital Signs Monitor 300 Series


Noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate and MAP

Optional—SureTemp® Plus Thermometry

Optional Masimo® or Nellcor® pulse oximetry

Supports adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

Simple to use—LCD display facilitates menu navigation

Includes automatic blood pressure mode, programmable alarms

Built-in memory capability and intuitive icons

Integrated thermal printer

Philips SpO2 module with Pleth for IntelliVue MP20 and higher

The M1020A SpO2/PLETH Module i

s a highly reliable and accurate pulse, arterial oxygen saturation, and plethysmogram measurement parameter unit that has been refurbished to ensure optimal performance. This unit is designed to work with the HP Viridia System, a comprehensive patient monitoring system that provides clinicians with real-time data on a patient’s vital signs. The M1020A SpO2/PLETH Module is a great choice for any healthcare facility that needs to monitor a patient’s oxygen saturation and pulse rate. 

Philips #M1012A C.O. Cardiac Output Module for Patient Monitor Agilent HP 

The Phillips M1012A Cardiac Output Module provides accurate and reliable measurements of Cardiac Output (CO) and Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO). It offers two measurement methods: the PiCCOTM 1 method, for measuring CO, COO and other hemodynamic parameters, and Right Heart Thermodilution method for measuring CO. Both of these methods are suitable for use in critical care environments for adults, pediatrics and neonatal patients. The module is designed to provide precise and reliable results, ensuring that clinicians can make informed decisions about patient care. 


The Philips Mainstream M1016A CO2 Merlin module is a carbon dioxide measurement parameter unit. For use with adult, pediatric, or neonatal patients. 

Temperature Parameter Module

Measurement Module

Philips M1029A Temperature Module

is designed to be used with adult, pediatric, or neonatal patients in an ICU or OR e produces. M1029A gives numerics in degrees Celsius for the temperature. 

Philips M1002B ECG Respiratory Module

Philips M1002B ECG/RESP Electrocardiogram Respirogram Module Refurbished. This M1002B ecg/resp is a three-channel electrocardiogram and respiration measurement parameter unit. M1002B connects to adult, neonatal, or pediatric patients in an ICU environment. It connects to CMS Viridia HP System. 

Invasive Blood Pressure Module

The Philips M1006B Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement Module delivers waveforms and numeric values and works with a wide range of catheters and pressure transducers. Invasive pressures can be collected, via module or internal capability, from adult, pediatric and neonatal patients for display on IntelliVue patient monitors. 

Philips #M1008B NBP Blood Pressure Module Meter for Patient Monitor

Philips Agilent Hewlett Packard HP M1008B NBP Module Patient Monitor NIBP Unit 

Philips M1015A Sidestream CO2 Module

The M1015A Sidestream CO2 (SSCO2) Module Refurbished. M1015A is designed for use with the M1016A CO2 Module to provide a solution for measuring CO2 in long-term intubated patients weighing more than 7 kg. 


This Philips Recorder Module is a compact, thermal array recorder that works with Philips modular patient monitors. As a double-width module, the wide strip has up to three waveform and multiple lines of annotation at ten different speeds. It is an excellent addition for your monitoring needs. 

Philips M1001A ECG Module

Philips M1001A ECG Electrocardiogram Module. The ECG generates numeric for Heart Rate measurement. The M1001A ECG Module is a three-channel electrocardiogram measurement parameter unit. It is designed to be used with adult, neonatal, or pediatric patients in Critical Care environments. 

Philips IntelliVue MP60/MP70 GCX FMS Accessories

Philips FMS Utility Hook Assembly

Philips FMS/MMS Module Lock

Includes: Bracket for retaining modules securely inside the FMS. Modules may be disengaged but not removed. Two slots on the right side are not secured; sliding bracket allows use with or without MMS; tamper-proof screws and tool for security.