Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitors & Accessories - Connex Spot Monitor Mobile Stand with Base Assembly, Bottom Pole Assembly and Top Pole with Power Supply for 7000-Series - 7000-MS3


Welch Allyn Connex 6800 Vital Signs Monitor with Masimo SpO2, SureTemp Plus, SureBP WITH STAND

Welch Allyn SPOT Vital Signs LXi

Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs LXI Monitor takes vitals faster and easier, simplifying data collection and analysis. It is also customizable to fit each healthcare facilty's needs. There's a choice between SureTemp Plus or Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 Ear Thermometer. It has connectivity with the EHR system which streamlines workflow, reducing human errors. It has a 50-reading recall feature which allows retrieval of previously collected data for review, analysis, and printing. Its SureBP technology can measure blood pressure in 15 seconds as the cuffs inflate. Optional parameters include automated Noninvasive Blood Pressure unit using the oscillometric technology, Masimo or Covidien SPO2 Pulse Oximetry, and when complete, the Spot LXi will display systolic, diastolic and pulse rate measurements. This device can receive information in up to 15 seconds. It displays error alarms with messages of descriptions and possible solutions. 

Welch Allyn SPOT Vital Signs LXi WITH STAND


The fully automated, multi-parameter Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs is equipped with hospital-grade technology to maximize clinical efficiency. 

With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, a large LCD display and programmable alarms and built-in memory, the Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs is an excellent value at an affordable price.  

This vitals signs monitor takes fast and accurate readings in approximately 30 seconds. The Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs also uses an oscillometric method to determine systolic and diastolic pressure, MAP and pulse rate.

On the Welch Allyn Spot, connecting patient records is easy using IR connectivity to interface with electronic patient records. The Spot Vitals Signs can also be configured with the latest pulse oximetry technology from Masimo and Nellcor for accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings. 

Accessories included with the Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs:


Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 with Nellcor SpO2

For simple and professional accuracy vital signs assessment or continuous monitoring, the Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs 300 Series is the definition of "advanced monitoring made affordable."

Like the original Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor, the 300 Series helps enhance your productivity by providing automated vital signs before, during and after procedures. The simple, push-button menu operation and bright display allow you to quickly learn and easily obtain the important information you need.

Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 features:

Standard noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate and MAP

Fast, accurate temperature readings with SureTemp® Plus Thermometry,

Nellcor® pulse oximetry and integrated thermal printer

Separate patient modes for adult, pediatric & neonatal support

Simple to use - LCD display facilitates menu navigation

Includes automatic blood pressure mode, programmable alarms, intuitive icons, and built-in memory capability

Lightweight and portable, with a variety of mounting options

Simple, straightforward operation with innovative monitor design

Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 300 with Nellcor SpO2 WITH STAND

Spot Vital Signs LXI Device


Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 692 Thermometer Security System & Oral Probe.

Welch Allyn® SureTemp® Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer with Wall Mount, Security System with ID Location Field, and Oral Probe with Oral Probe Well: The Welch Allyn SureTemp is the fastest oral axillary thermometer on the market! Features: • Provides 4-second oral, 10-second pediatric axillary temperatures (for children 17 years and younger), 10-second rectal, and 15-second adult axillary temperatures (for 18 years and older).

• Monitor mode capability for measuring 3-5 minute temperatures.

• Used probe covers may be ejected automatically.

• Large, backlit LCD displays temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

• Has last temperature recall capability.

• 60-second timer for pulse and respiration.

• Waterproof, stainless steel probe shaft.

• Convenient storage housing for 25 probe covers.

• Wall holder with choice of two electronic antitheft alarm systems and mechanical security.

• Color-coded, interchangeable and removable probe well to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

• On-screen Location ID field for identification and labelling of thermometer.

• Rubberized grips for ease of handling.

• User-selectable icon and/or words for identification of thermometer modes. 

Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer on Mobile Stand

When getting a temperature reading is urgent, as the fastest oral/axillary thermometer on the market, the Welch Allyn 01690-700 Sure Temp Plus is the surest decision you can make for your patient.

Providing fast, accurate, secure, and convenient readings in a single thermometer. It has a Large LCD display that shows temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius and takes approximately 6,000 readings on just 3 AA batteries. The Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer is easy to use with intuitive operation, reduces the risk of cross-contamination with a removable probe well and provides more reliable readings with improved accuracy.




Welch Allyn SureTemp 678 Thermometer

The Welch Allyn 678 SureTemp is a portable thermistor thermometer to be used for measuring patient temperatures ranging from 84°F to 108°F (28.9°C to 42.2°C). Oral/axillary and rectal probes utilize single-use disposable probe covers which limit cross-contamination. Oral, axillary and rectal temperatures can be taken using Normal or Monitor operating modes. Axillary temperatures taken using the Normal operating mode will display temperatures in about 10 seconds for patients under 4 years. Axillary temperatures for patients 4 years through adult are taken using the Monitor operating mode and will display temperatures in about 5 minutes. In the Normal mode, the thermometer’s microprocessor "predicts” body temperature in about 4 seconds for oral temperatures and in about 15 seconds for rectal temperatures. The Monitor mode continuously displays the temperature of the probe which will reflect the patient’s actual oral or rectal temperature in about 3 minutes and will continue for as long as the probe remains in place.




Provides fast, accurate oral readings

Last Temperature Recall

Monitor Mode allows continuous temperature monitoring

Probe Cover Storage -- Room for one box of 25 disposable probe covers

3 AA Alkaline batteries provide 5,000 temperature readings

Welch Allyn Sure Temp Oral/Auxillary Probe with 9 foot cord

GE Dinamap Procare 100

GE Dinamap ProCare 100 Features

Soma Technology offers the GE Dinamap ProCare 100 Patient Monitor as a rental option. The GE Carescape V100 patient monitor is a reliable, easy-to-use vital sign monitor that helps you care for many patients efficiently. Its speed, accuracy, and mobility allow you to collect the right information at the point of care, and present it wherever it is needed, so you can make fast quality care decisions. By combining fast determination times with an advanced algorithm, the CARESCAPE V100 monitor helps ensure patient comfort while maintaining a high standard of clinical accuracy. It also includes the same advanced parameters and algorithms as other higher acuity GE monitors, ensuring measurement consistency across all care areas.

GE Dinamap ProCare 200 Patient Monitor 

GE Healthcare Dinamap Carescape V100 Vitals Monitor 

The GE Medical CARESCAPE V100 monitor is designed for care areas where patients require periodic vital signs spot checks rather than continuous monitoring. The monitor’s ruggedness with the eight-hour battery life, gives you the reliability and mobility you need to monitor patients throughout the unit. 

FILAC 3000 Electronic Thermometers

With a patented isolation chamber design, color coded probes and probe cords, and ACCUSYSTEM  single use probe covers, these thermometers minimize the risk of cross contamination and enhance infection control measures. The FILAC  3000 Electronic Thermometers will stand upright on a flat surface, and rubber side grips make it easier to hold. Each unit has an icon based interface with a backlit LCD display that makes it simple to read.

The FILAC  3000 Electronic Thermometers are available in EZ and AD models, and come with additional options of oral and rectal probes, chambers, probe covers, and other accessories. The AD model includes advanced operating features and pulse timer capability.


The Edan M3 is an affordable, accurate, and durable Vital Signs Monitor with multi-parameter functionality designed for outpatient and ward situations. With a portable design and a wide range of features, the M3 series serves as a vital spot check and a continuous monitoring solution for medical professionals.

The M3 features a 5.6” color LCD display, real-time measurements & trend display, and flexible configurations to meet different clinical needs. This vital signs monitor offers SpO2, NIBP, and optional TEMP monitoring.

HL7 and LAN support allows for streamlined connectivity capabilities to a Central Monitoring Station or EMR.


Configurations include:


The GemStar pumps are small and lightweight, single-channel infusion devices.

They can touch patients anywhere throughout the continuum of care, providing simple and reliable infusions across all applications, wherever the point of care may be.

This GemStar device (with blue end caps) has seven types of therapies available for infusion of medications and fluids. This model is indicated for parenteral administrations that include, but are not limited to, intravenous, arterial, subcutaneous, epidural analgesia, short-term epidural infusions.

From pain management to ambulatory infusions and anywhere in between, the GemStar™ infusion system was specifically designed to improve safety across complex infusions. Three clearly differentiated GemStar devices provide versatility through extensive customization to meet the specific needs of specialty infusion applications — all while providing one user interface for programming familiarity.


The H100B Pulse Oximeter provides a simple universal tool for patient monitoring - from spot checks to continuous monitoring. All monitoring data can be transferred to PC for storage, management, review, and printing. It's dedicated to offer reliable, accurate, and sensitive measurement of blood oxygen saturation under even harsh conditions, such as in hospitals, intra-hospital transport, and other hospital grade facilities.

EdanUSA H100B Pulse Oximeter Features:

FDA Approved.

LCD screen display.

RTC (Real Time Clock) display.

Backlight control and automatic power-off function for power saving.

SpO2 and Pulse Rate Measurement.

Display numeric and Waveform of SpO2 simultaneously.

Long battery life - up to 48 Hours on four "AA" or 36 Hours on Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

Powerful data storage capacity.

Up to 100 IDs and 300 hours data storage capability for continuous monitoring.

Data can be transferred to PC for storage, review, and printing.

The latest 10 minutes trend graph and table of SpO2 and Pulse Rate can be reviewed in the screen.

Audible and visible alarm capability (adjustable).

Pulse-tone modulation (Pitch Tone).

Portable Medical Diagnosis Equipment LIMEON Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Display:3.5 inch color TFT Resolution:320X480

Indicator: Alarm indicator, Power indicator

Trace: 1 plethysmogram waveform

Alarm: Probe off, low power

Modes: Visual and Audio

Application: Neonatal, pediatric and adult patients


The wider NIBP measurement range  Adult PED NEO SYS












Pulse rate range:40~240bpm

NIBP measurement accuracy:±3mmHg

Pulse rate measurement accuracy:<=2% (>=100 BPM) or 2 beats/min (<100 BPM)

Independent software protection  pressure

Adult:300mmHg     PED:240mmHg           NEO:150mmHg

Independent hardware protection  pressure

Adult:320-330mmHg     PED:265-275mmHg      NEO:160-165mmHg

Huntleigh Smartsigns MiniPulse MP1R Handheld Pulse Oximeter, Rechargeable

The Smartsigns MiniPulse is a new addition to the expanded range of Smartsigns patient monitoring systems.

Designed and built in the UK, this ergonomically styled hand held device, displays the patient's saturation level and pulse rate on large high visibility LED displays. Fast, reliable SPOT or CONTINUOUS measurements can be made on all patient groups – Adult and Paediatric.

Features and Benefits

Rechargeable pulse oximeter

Simple, single key operation, ergonomically styled, fits in your hand

Large colour coded LED display - largest in its class!

Over 120 Hr operation per charge, automatic shut off and display adjust facility conserve power

Advanced battery management - Tri colour charge indicator

Easy clean housing

Full function alarms - physiological (SpO2 and Pulse) and technical

Integrated protector for harsh environments

Wide range of sensors available

Supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories:

NiMH cells and universal charger

Protective cover

IV Pole attachment

Integral probe storage facility

Environmental carry case

Desk stand

HemoCue Glucose 201 Analyzer 

The HemoCue Glucose 201 System measures glucose levels to diagnose diabetes. The unique microcuvette technology gives high accuracy and reduces contamination risks.

The HemoCue® Glucose 201 System puts lab accurate answers in health professionals’ hands when they’re needed most - at the point of care. Not only does the unique cuvette technology enable the highest accuracy in just three simple steps, but it also helps to reduce serious contamination risks.

Features and Benefits

Assure Prism Multi Meter Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Assure Prism multi is the newest addition to the Assure® family of blood glucose monitors. Designed for use by healthcare professionals, this value-packed meter offers the features and quality you have come to expect from the leaders in diabetes management in long-term care.


Integra Padgett Electro Dermatome Model B Set

Padgett Electro Dermatome Model B System W/ 1", 2", 3", 4" Cutting Guide & Guard

Brand: Padgett

Customer Segment: Hospitals, Surgery Centers & Tissue Banks

Franchise: Surgical Instruments

Item Type: Dermatome Kits

Therapeutic Specialty: Skin Graft Products

Baxter Flo-Gard 6301 Dual Channel Infusion Pump

The Baxter Flo-Gard 6301 Infusion Pump dual channel infusion pump is compatible with all standard Baxter tubing sets.   It can be used to administer a wide variety of fluids including blood and fat emulsions. The safety clamp automatically occludes the tubing to prevent free flow when the door is opened.  Occlusion sensors detect upstream and downstream flow restrictions.


Baxter 6201 Flo guard Single Channel IV Pump

Baxter 6201 infusion pumps are capable of delivering a wide variety of fluids, including blood, over a broad range of infusion rates.  The 6201s are easy to load, spill resistant pumping mechanisms with occlusion sensors that detect both upstream and downstream restrictions. 

Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump

Product Description:

Baxter Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump – Refurbished. This infusion pump is completely refurbished and bio-medically inspected by Venture Medical.

The Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump provides rapid, intuitive infusions in a small package. This unit uses standard administrations sets for both graviy and pump infusions, lowering costs. Smart technology in order to help prevent pump related medical errors. The bright and easy to read screen is easy to read and also display on-board help screens. The Baxter Sigma Spectrum also has wireless options and is EMR compatible.

Ergotron WorkFit-C, Single Sit-Stand Mobile Workstation

Stay energized and productive while moving from sitting to standing position anytime with WorkFit C-Mod Single Display Sit-Stand Workstation from ergotron®. This workstation features a large work surface and height adjustable keyboard tray with a display that makes computing easier and comfortable for prolonged periods. Moreover, the Counter balanced adjustment points allow instantaneous, tool-free re-positioning while you work. Add-ons like 25-inch total height adjustment, a small footprint and advanced cable management makes it a thing that you are looking for.

i-Warm Fluid Warmer

Economical Fluid Warmer with temperature display for standard IV Sets.


Portable and lightweight.

Convenient hanging belt to hang on I.V. pole.

Current temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Temperature overheating protection.

Indicators for warming (orange), power (green),  and overheating (red).


Reduces prep time, to warm fluid.

Can monitor temperature, second to second.

Reduces patients’ discomfort due to cold fluid.

Compatible with standard IV sets.

Quickly brings the temperature of the fluid up to the patient’s.


IV tubing size

3.0 - 5.0mm

Flow rate range                                           


Power requirement

240V AC 60 Hz

Weight w/power cord


i-Warmer dimension

19 x 9 x 6cm

Suggested operating temp

20 - 25ºC

Heating method

Dry heat exchange.

Equipment classification



Not suitable for flow rates less than 50ml/Hr.

Backup overheating protection with power interrupted at 45ºC with visual and audio alarm.

Level 1 EQUATOR Convective Warming System, 115V

Features of the Level 1 EQUATOR Convective Warming System:

The EQUATOR® Convective Warming System provides controlled Convective Warming in a compact design.

The patented temperature control system ensures the desired therapy setting, while the high air flow distributes the heat across the blanket. Snuggle Warm® Convective Warming Blankets are soft, flexible and durable, and cover a variety of clinical applications, including partial and full body warming for all applications. 

Waterloo Healthcare 6Drawer Steel Tall Emergency Cart, Lever Lock, Red

Crash carts offer a robust work platform that can be configured with accessories to address your code cart needs. Shares many of the same great features as our aluminum cart but at a more economical initial price. Standard features include:

Drawer Configuration:

Please Note: A number of optional accessories available for the Waterloo medical cart (sold separately):

Aluminum Key Locking Narrow Carts



Overall: 43.40"H x 25.40"D x 25.30"W (includes bumper and casters)

Drawer configuration: 30" of total drawer space

Drawer size: 17"D x 15"W

Drawer heights: 3"H (3), 6"H (2), 9"H (1)


Anesthesia Cart


Technical Specs

METRO Medical Procedure Cart

Flexible options. Designed around you. Advanced polymer construction. Microban antimicrobial product protection. Includes cart and drawers as shown along with the following accessories: two 3” Drawer Divider Trays with Dividers, 9” Drawer Divider Tray with Dividers, 28 Quart Waste Basket and Holder, and four Non-locking Side Bins. 22-3/8” W x 32¼” L x 41-7/8” H. 

Emergency trolley with Medical Nursing Tray Trolley

This is a medicine delivery trolley mounted with PC suppoet bracket which can put PC on it for patient information record in the hospital ward. There are four light drawers and two with medicine box, it's can totally satisfy the drug delivery requirement of the nurses.It is equiped with ABS body with aluminum alloy frame of high strength.


Armstrong Medical Code Responses/Crash Carts 

Armstrong Medical - 6 Drawer Roll-acart with xtra storage on top-locking drawers 


Overall: 43.40"H x 25.40"D x 25.30"W (includes bumper and casters)
Drawer configuration: 30" of total drawer space
Drawer size: 17"D x 15"W
Drawer heights: 3"H (3), 6"H (2), 9"H (1)

Medical trolley Hospital Medical Drug Trolley With 5 Drawers On Both Sides Of Medical Drug Cart

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Product Describtion:

1.Structure: two small pumps, two middle pumps, one large pumps, aluminium alloy column, infusion stand,  defibrillator platform, stainless steel guardrail, sharp box.

2.Left side: sub-workbench, right side of data box.

3.Right side: 2 Pink dirt buckets.

4.Back: Power supply, defibrillator, oxygen cylinder bracket.


1.Good product quality

2.Product quality assurance for two years

3.Manufacturer directly supplies products


Product application scenario:

Hospital Medicine Trolley Price Medical Carts Manufacturer Medicine Cart With Drawers 

medical drug transfer trolley

Four anti-scratch aluminum alloy columns with ABS body

With 5 trays on both sides of trolley, and each tray with medication cassette bin

With S.S. guardrail around top for protection

With four 125mm castors and two crossed with brakes

8 Qt. / 12 Gallon Red Rectangular Step-On Trash Can. Perfect for Hospital Nursing Homes, School, Office, Dental,Home

About this item

The 48 quart capacity is ample enough that it will not fill up too quickly, but small enough to fit in tight spaces.

The durable, heavy-duty plastic construction of this can makes trash disposal a seamless process and ensures this can will last for years.

This can features a pedal which allows you to dispose of waste easily, quietly, and cleanly without having to stop and open the trash can. The no-slip design works to prevents accidents and is especially important when disposing of heavy loads or walking on floors that may be slippery.

This can offers a clean presentation and works well in areas where the can will be visible to guests.

This trash can works exceptionally well in hospitals / doctor's offices, nursing / retirement homes, schools, breakrooms, or in any office space where the hands-free feature comes in handy for quick waste disposal.

Defenders 24 Gal. White Square Steel Step-On Trash Can 

Defenders Step-On Trash Can with Plastic Liner complies with OSHA standards on blood borne pathogens for the safe containment of infectious waste. These step-on trash cans feature a foot pedal for hands-free operation. Trash can is finished in powder-coat and is State Fire Marshal listed. Leak-Proof Plastic Liner & Odor-Barrier Gasket. Waste Receptacle Type: Biohazard/Infectious Waste Bin; Material(s): Steel; Application: Biohazardous Waste Disposal; Capacity (Volume): 24 gal.

Smooth surfaces are easy to clean and help optimize sanitary efforts.

Ideal for hospitals, doctor's offices and other healthcare facilities.


Foot pedal enables hands-free operation.

Restraint mechanism protects walls.

Non-slip feet protect floors.

Complies with OSHA standards for containment of infectious waste.

Retainer bands discreetly hold liner bags in place and out of sight.

Heavy-gauge, fire-safe steel for years of reliable service.

Quart Size Oakridge Products Sharps Container with Flip Lid | for Diabetics

About this item

* - cdc approved. Designed for use by phlebotomists or others who need a small transportable container. The vertical drop maximizes useable container volume while providing a space saving option for totes, carts and work spaces.

* FOR HOME USE -. Ideal for diabetics. Fits perfectly on bathroom countertops. Keeps contaminated waste safe from pets and small children - Safe disposal of needles, needles with syringes, pen needles, lancets, blades (razors, scalpels, etc.

* LIGHT WIEGHT AND COMPACT - Perfect for traveling and on the go use. Fits easily into a medium sized purse backpack, gym bag, or luggage. Clear lid allows a view of the fill level, temporary closure for safety, and snap locks for final disposal.

* ROBUST DESIGN - Constructed of puncture and impact resistant material. Safe to autoclave or incinerate. Meets or exceeds cdc standards including OSHA and EPA requirements for local biohazard waste collection. Product is labeled with Biohazard warning and usage instruction on the container, no instruction sheet to lose. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 4"L X 4"W X 6.25" H

SharpSafety RCRA Hazardous Waste Container, Black Base/White Lid, Horizontal Entry


BD chemotherapy sharps collector, Yellow, 5 gal


Chemo Waste and Sharps Container, 8 gal Capacity, Yellow, Lid Type Sliding, Material Plastic, Height 17 3/4 in, Length 11 in, Width 15 1/2 in, Includes Locks for Final Disposal, For Use With Chemo Waste and Sharps Disposal

Stryker Trio Surgical Stretcher

The Trio Surgical Stretcher is a versatile, all-encompassing, surgical stretcher designed for use from pre-op to recovery. Stryker designed the model 1033 stretcher to easily convert from a surgical table to a surgical stretcher. One single platform reduces the chance of injury to staff or patients while transferring the patient. A single platform also reduces overall turnover time since no patient transferring has to occur. 

Electric Bed

250kg / 551 lbs

Our standard hospital bed provides an excellent level of comfort for the patient and the hospital
staff. This electric bed is completely adjustable and has 4 sections in the standard and electrical
model, for all types of movements.



Battery back-up for power failure conditions.

OneStep release and auto-lock side rail.

Designed for standard hospital ward, recovery ward or ICU ward.

Full compliance with IEC 60601-2-52 norm.

Safe working load: 250KG.

4 dual-locking casters with central locking pedal (optional).

Optimum protection against falls.

Simple control and manipulation.

Various platform sizes: 80/86/91cm (31.5/33.9/35.8 in)

Quick assemble/disassemble of bed end

Optional: can be prepared for the use of orthopedic accessory

Electric Bed

250kg / 551 lbs

Our standard hospital bed provides an excellent level of comfort for the patient and the hospital

staff. This electric bed is completely adjustable and has 4 sections in the standard and electrical

model, for all types of movements. Different options can be added to both models, including scale,

X-Ray cassette, elevation posts, Balkan frame, battery, etc... 





The Stryker S3 Secure III MedSurg bed has many advanced and intuitive features with programs and processes that minimizes risks while providing a higher quality of care safely. The side rails are designed with an intermediate support position. This allows patients to enter or exit the bed themselves more easily. It also helps diminish the risk of falls and the risk of harm to the caregiver. The S3 bed features iBed Awareness. This system monitors local bed status information and alerts caregivers audibly, visually, or remotely when preset parameters are compromised.

When the head of the bed is raised, the Stryker-exclusive StayPut Bed Frame preserves the relative location of the patient aiding in reducing the need to reposition the patient once the bed has been adjusted. Stryker’s open architecture approach and their better data reduces your cost of ownership and gives you the freedom to build a custom solution.

Electric Bed

250kg / 551 lbs

Our standard hospital bed provides an excellent level of comfort for the patient and the hospital

staff. This electric bed is completely adjustable and has 4 sections in the standard and electrical

model, for all types of movements. Different options can be added to both models, including scale,

X-Ray cassette, elevation posts, Balkan frame, battery, etc... 



Electric Bed
CR400 DS

250kg / 551 lbs

Our standard hospital bed provides an excellent level of comfort for the patient and the hospital

staff. This electric bed is completely adjustable and has 4 sections in the standard and electrical

model, for all types of movements. Different options can be added to both models, including scale,

X-Ray cassette, elevation posts, Balkan frame, battery, etc... 



Stryker Go Bed II Hospital Bed


Manufacturer: Stryker’s 

GoBed II Med/Surg bed was developed with extensive input and feedback from nursing professionals to add efficiency and mobility to patient care practices.  The GoBed II is a motorized, fully-electric equipped bed with numerous one-button or one-handed controls allowing caregivers to spend their time helping patients recover quickly in a secure and comforting environment.  This bed features full length siderail coverage to aid in patient safety, a low bed height of 14.5 inches promoting proper patient positioning for safe entry and exit, integrated pump holder conveniently located on footboard, and 120-volt outlet to help maximize space at the foot end of the bed.   This bed is ideal for healthcare facilities for Med/Surg purposes, educational and training facilities and residential settings.

Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed

Key Features

Weight Capacity: 500 lb (228 kg)

Four-wheel, steel-ring brake system with centrally-located activation pedals

Retractable bed design keeps patients close to their belongings

Foot end nursing controls allow caregivers to easily operate the bed

The retractable bed design keeps patients close to their belongings, and foot end nursing controls allow caregivers to easily operate the bed. Lock outpatient controls and a central brake ensures that the Secure II Hospital Bed is safe and in the best position for patients at all times. Stryker's Secure II MedSurg bed is capable of being positioned for both emergency circumstances and patient comfort. CPR positioning is achieved with a CPR Drop button and removable headboard. For versatility in positioning, this bed can be lowered and the back may be angled to seat the patient upright. Patients have control of bed positioning with intuitive side rail controls unless caregiver lockout overrides their ability to change bed positioning 

Hill-rom Advance Series Hospital Bed

Hill-Rom Advance Hospital Bed Specifications

Dimensions: 41.5″ (W) x 93.5″ (L) when most extended

Sleep Dimensions: 36″ (W) x 82″ (L)

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Travel Time: 21 seconds

Key Features

Capacity: 500 lb

Auto-contour raises knee section up to a full 15 degrees automatically as head section raises

CPR Release will bring head and knee sections down from an elevated position

Patient and staff controls on head rails

The Advance is an auto-contour hospital bed with complete therapeutic positioning, central brake, steering, patient and staff controls on head rails, and nurse control at the foot end. 

Abbott Precision Xceed Pro Blood Glucose Meters - Precision Xceed Pro Blood Glucose Meter



Recliner offers comfort and durability to patients in hospitals, clinics or assisted living facilities. With maximum flexibility, this chair has three traditional positions - a deep recline, elevated leg rest and full upright, operated by a retractable lock bar, securing the chair in each desired position. The neutral-colored steel frame has side panels that remove allowing for an easy clean and maintenance. The built-in headrest and wide, comfortable, padded arm rests were constructed at an angle to provide support, even in a reclined position. 

3 Position Hospital Recliner Chair 

Deluxe Three-Position Hospital Recliner Chairs are loaded with features and designed with the user's comfort in mind. Special padding technology provides a long life of comfort and support for the hospital recliners' seating surface. The back of the three-position hospital recliner chair features lumbar support for maximum comfort. Residents will appreciate the articulating headrest that comfortably supports the neck and head. The full recline, leg-ottoman elevated and full upright positions provide maximum comfort for the user. An overlap tray stores on the side of the three-position hospital recliner chair and folds out of the way.

Ergonomically designed clinical care recliner seat with lumbar support and articulating headrest for maximum comfort

Articulating headrest adjusts to comfortably support the neck and head, raising the user's head to the social field of vision

Three simple hospital recliner adjustment positions - full upright, elevated leg or full recline - that are easily secured with the position lock bar 

Recline lock bar prevents the user from reclining the chair when engaged

Footrest folds completely under the chair, allowing the resident to rise to a standing position more easily

Zinc plated caster horns for improved rust resistance

Special woven padding on back and seat reduces the risk of "bottoming out"

Blow-molded hospital recliner side panels remove quickly for easy cleaning

Convenient push bar on chair back and four rolling casters allows for easy hospital recliner chair movement

Two 5" fixed front casters and two locking 5" rear swivel casters for easy maneuvering and positioning

Convenient overlap tray stores on the side or can be locked in one of five positions

Tabs allow overlap tray to travel freely or lock into one of five positions

Fire retardant foam and glue

Available in three colors - Rosewood, Blue Ridge and Jade

Weight capacity 250 lbs.

Ligh capacity recliner comfort for bariatric patients

The Manual Bariatric Medical Recliner distributed by Hillrom delivers style, comfort and functionality for patients and visitors weighing up to 660 lbs. This recliner chair was designed with features and benefits to provide a positive outcome for patients and their guests.  

An independent foot rest enables the occupant to sit fully seated with his or her feet up, for added comfort. The recliner’s spring-box construction, gas-spring back-assisted lift and 30-inch wide seating surface help ensure that users have a comfortable, functional and safe seating experience.

Positioning handles, front- and rear-locking casters, accessory hooks, optional removable arm, tray table, urethane arm caps and accessory brackets for an IV pole or O2 tank are just a few of the distinctive options

Over Bed Table For Hospital

Main features

- U type base

- ABS top & ABS base cover

- Gas spring operated height adjustable,Total stability at all heights.

- Four swiveling castors to allow easy movement and positioning, and 2 castor with lock function

Technical parameter



Overall size


Table top size



4 x 50mm (2 w/brake)

Safe working load


Over the Bed Table

 Over the Bed Tables with easy to clean surfaces are great for patients that require care or meals in bed and are easily maneuvered in tight spaces 

Bedside Cabinets 

Color White Cream. 

Main Material :Cold reduced metal sheet

ABS tabletop

ABS Drawer and front door

Metal Color: White Cream

Extendable table

Internal ABS shelf

Size:19.5″ x 20″ x 28″

Castor size 2″ 

Stryker Series Big Wheel Transport Stretcher

Hill-Rom Transtar Transport Stretcher

Standard Features: 

Stryker 1015 Big Wheel

Specifications 26" Litter

Model Number 1015 (SM204)

 Overall Length

84" (213 cm)

 Overall Width

Siderails Up 33.5" (85 cm) S

Siderails Down 30.25" (77 cm)

Weight Capacity 700 lbs (317 kg)

 Height Range

High 34.5" (88 cm)

Low 20.75" (53 cm) 

 Litter Positioning

Backrest 0° - 90°

Knee Gatch 40° 40°

Trend./reverse Trend. ±16°

Maximum Angle 87.5°

 Patient Surface 26" x 75.25" (66 x 191 cm)

 Siderails 14" x 57.75" (36 x 147 cm) 

Transport Stretcher

250 kg /  551 lbs

stretchers are designed to function safely with a 661 lbs

(300 Kg) patient when using the transport stretcher CRS10. To transport patients from the

ER to the ward or OR. It is safe, stable, and easy to operate.


 Platform Dimension (Overall Dimension) : 622 x 1869 mm (795 x 2100 mm)-24.48 x 73.58 in (31.29 x
82.67 in)

Trauma Stretcher

300 kg /  661 lbs

stretchers are designed to function safely with a 661 lbs

(300 Kg) patient when using the trauma stretcher CRS20. For disabled, fractured and trauma

patients to transport in hospital, a built-in X-ray cassette prevents unnecessary moving and

reduces risk of injury. 



Pediatric Stretcher

250 kg /  551 lbs

 stretchers are designed to function safely

with a 551 lbs (250 Kg) patient when using the pediatric stretcher CRS10P. Designed

for the pediatric sector to use as transport trolley or ICU bed.

Visible rails on all 4 sides ensures the best care for babies and children. 



High Quality Medical Polyester Fiberglass Surgical Orthopaedic Casting Tape


Name: Fiberglass Casting Tape

Size: 2"/3"/4"/5"/6"*4yds.

Material: knitted fiberglass fabric , and water activated polyurethane resin.

Color: White, green, purple, pink, blue, red, orange, yellow, black, gray, sky blue, dark blue.


Free samples :free samples is available


1.High Strength. Lightweight. Quick Solidifying and Good Malleability. Easy Operating.

2.Excellent X-ray Radiolucence. Good Air-permeability. Water-resistant. 

3.Environment Friendly Materials. Clean and Comfort.

It is the upgraded and replaced product of the traditional plaster bandage.

Fiberglass Casting Tape has higher strength and is easier to be cut than Polyester Casting Tape.



Used in orthopedics

External fixation of fracture 

Orthopaedic Casting Tape 





Additional information


For orthopedic and surgical use, fixation and immobilization, protection of bones and soft tissues. Helps relieve pain and muscle convulsions.

Drive Economy IV Pole

The Drive Economy IV Pole is an affordable IV pole mounted on ball bearing wheels. The chrome-plated steel frame has a weighted base and a locking collar to adjust and maintain the height. Hooks can be inserted and secured with push pins.

Waiting Chair

This is a new design desk, specially designed by our crafts men in metal frame made up of Waiting Chair with wooden ply seats. These can be made in different sizes like single seater, dual seater & triple seaters. This model is being sold exclusive to all over india.

Features:Multi usageDimensional AccuracyQuality approved material 

Waiting Room Chair with Light Oak Finish

This green reception area chair is the perfect waiting room furniture piece for your hospital lobby space. The unit features a light oak wood construction and a modern design to complement your existing layout. The vinyl reception area chair will give you long lasting use due to the solid wood build and weight support up to 400 pounds. Assembling the furniture seat is a snap, just connect the two cushioned pieces to the wooden arms using the slide-on brackets. The look of this chair will add a great touch to an already modern design. Place these vinyl furniture pieces around your waiting room and provide your clients with a comfortable and relaxing visit! 

Generac 7029 9kW Guardian Generator