Steris Amsco Model V116 Steam Sterilizer 

Steris V116 Steam Sterilizers are designed for fast, efficient sterilization of heat and water-resistant materials with the same capabilities as a gravity sterilizer. The V116 pre-vacuum sterilizer is equipped with pre-vac, gravity, flash, express, leak test, and daily air removal test cycles.




Stainless steel construction LCD temperature windows for upper and lower chambers overtemp indicators for each chamber two shelves in lower chamber; both chambers accept shelf brackets 

stainless steel construction

LCD temperature windows for upper and lower chambers

overtemp indicators for each chamber

two shelves in lower chamber; both chambers accept shelf brackets

Inner dimensions of the upper compartment:

width: 23.5 in.

depth: 22

height: 13

Inner dimensions of the bottom compartment:

width: 23.5 in.

depth: 22

height: 38

Overall dimensions of the unit:

width: 30 in.

depth: 28

height: 75.5

Shipping weight is about 300 pounds.

ASP Sterrad 100S Steriliser

The Sterrad 100S System offers a rapid 55-minute cycle time to deliver increased instrument utilization and measurable cost efficiencies. Using ASP’s proven gas plasma technology, the STERRAD 100S System provides dry, low-temperature sterilization of both heat-stable and heat- and moisture-sensitive instruments in a single system—allowing you to have critical instruments available when you need them. The STERRAD 100S System not only increases productivity and capacity, but also eliminates the costs associated with resterilization, ventilation, and instrument repair, thereby turning speed into money.

Steris (AMSCO) 3011 Sterilizer


Refurbished Steris / Amsco 3011 Gravity Single Door Autoclave Sterilizer.

ES Electric Steam Boilers

Safe easy-to-use heat source. No on-site products of combustion 

• Easy, quick to install, they require only a water feed connection and electrical hook-up 

• Applications include: Steam for tanks, reactors, distillations, autoclaves, dyestuffs, cosmetics, paraffins, glues, steam jacketed kettles, sterilizers, pipe tracing and humidification

. • Built to Section 1 of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes. UL listed.  

• WATER FEED SYSTEM - Strainer, solenoid valve, stop valve and check valve factory wired and plumbed for direct connection to water line.

 • LOW WATER CUT-OFF/LEVEL CONTROL - McDonnell Miller No.150 control automatically maintains proper water level, shutting off the boiler when water supply in the boiler drops below a safe operating level.

 • WATER LEVEL SIGHT GLASS - Allows constant observation of water level while boiler is in operation. 

• MAIN ON/OFF SWITCH - Allows manual operation of the boiler operating control circuit. 

• PILOT LIGHT - Indicates control circuit’s on/off condition. 

• INTEGRAL POWER CONTACTORS - Magnetic contactors for energizing the boiler elements. Integrally mounted in the control unit.

 • BLOWDOWN/DRAIN VALVES - Facilitates emptying the boiler pressure vessel and MM150 water column piping during blowdown sequence. 

• LONG LIFE HEATING ELEMENTS - Industrial grade, heavy duty 0.420 inch diameter stainless steel heating elements,equipped with one piece resistance welded terminations for added strength and safety.

 • OPERATING PRESSURE CONTROL - Resets automatically to maintain preset pressure within boiler.

 • ENERGY SAVINGS AND MINIMUM MAINTENANCE - Pressure vessel insulation minimizes heat loss and maximizes energy savings, insured by fibrous glass material. • EASY CONTROL MAINTENANCE - All control panels and components are easily accessible. Fully-louvered openings avoid component heat build-up. 

• NEMA 1 Louvered enclosure standard 

• TRIM PRESSURE- Factory standard 100 PSIG or 15 PSIG 

SUSSMAN MODEL ES-12 KW CAPACITY: 12 KW OUTPUT: 36.2 Lbs/Hr SHIPPING WEIGHT: 230 Lbs BHP rating: 1.22 Hp Amp. Draw: 34 Amp Power: 208/3/60 

Sussman manufacturers electric hot water and steam and boilers for commercial, industrial, and customized applications.  Units are available in numerous sizes ranging from 3KW to 1800KW.  Outputs are available up 5000PPH steam and 9200MBH hot water.

Sussman’s units are built to meet or exceed CSA, UL, and NEC standards.  Boilers are offered in both stainless steel and carbon steel construction and are built to ASME standards.  Units are factory tested and ready for fast installation and use.

Sussman electric steam boilers are used in a variety of applications such as:

Laboratories & Pilot Plant Operations

Steam for Jacketed Vessels

CBD Oil Extraction and Solvent Recovery




Vessel Heating

Baker Ovens, Proofers

Hot Water for Process &  Comfort Heating

Distillation, Sterilization, & Autoclave Use

Clean Steam: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Food Processes

Processing Waxes, Paraffin & Glues

Anti-Freeze Protection, Preheating & Fuel Oil Lines

In-Line Steam Superheating

On-site Power Plnat & Utility Steam

Environmental Rooms, Test Chambers and Ovens

Tuttnauer 2540 EKP-B/L  Autoclave HEIDOLPH BRINKMANN

Tuttnauer's Electronic Autoclaves function a little differently from the Lab Line in that they can sterilize anything that needs to be sterilized, except liquids. Available in several different capacities, wrapped or unwrapped glass and tools are heat-sterilized using electronic pressure and temperature sensors. Sterilization time reaches up to 99 minutes with a temperature selection between 105°C to 137°C. A built-in printer provides a printed summary at the end of every sterilization cycle. 



Tuttnauer EZ10 Autoclave

Steris Reliance 333 Washer/Disinfector

For automated cleaning, thermal disinfection, and drying of reusable general surgical instruments prior to sterilization in outpatient/same-day surgery departments, surgical centers, and ambulatory care centers. A wide variety of surgical instrumentation and containers may safely be processed in the Amsco Reliance 333 including: reusable, general surgical instruments, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) rigid instruments, and microsurgical instruments.

The Reliance 333 Washer/Disinfector is a single-door, counter height washer/disinfector, designed for installation under-counter or as a freestanding unit (with accessory panels).

The standard pull-down door facilitates loading of the unit. An optional load lifting door is available to adjust the door height to countertop level for ergonomic ease of loading or unloading. The washer/disinfector features state-of-the-art microcomputer control, with user-friendly operator interface.

A printer can be installed to record and monitor cycles and cycle parameters.

Every cycle is comprised of several unique cleaning applications designed to maximize cleaning efficiency and deliver thermally disinfected instruments safely to operators. The Reliance 333 is pre-programmed with the following applications:

These applications are pre-programmed into three cycles (Instrument 1, Micro Instrument 2, MIS 3) and are fully selective in three additional cycles (Cycle 4, Cycle 5, Cycle 6).

sterilization containers

Containers provide protection and sterility maintenance for instrumentation. We offer a variety of sizes and accessories to organise instruments and promote fast set-up. Also a green alternative to sterilization wrap, Genesis containers provide a green alternative to sterilization wrap by reducing waste 

Low temperature containers

Protect and organise your heat and moisture sensitive surgical instrumentation during low temperature hydrogen-peroxide sterilization.

EZ11 Plus Fully Automatic Autoclave (Tuttnauer)


Powerfully easy. Outpace demanding workloads with full regulatory compliance.

The EZ11Plus model boasts several key features, including the newly designed EZGlide self-locking door, which is ergonomically friendly and can be opened and closed effortlessly. The EZView multicolor display screen is easy to read, even from a distance. If a cycle is not running, the operator can scroll through the EZPad keys —while the door is open— to select a program and review all program parameters. During a running cycle, EZView shows not only the actual temperature and pressure in the chamber, but also each stage of the cycle. As the color wheel moves, the colors change for each stage. The convenient EZFill water reservoir can be filled with distilled water from either the top of the unit or through the front-fill funnel located inside the door.

Overall Dimensions (DxWxH) 24.8” x 20.9” x17.3”

Chamber Dimensions 11” x 19.8”